McLeod's Daughters

Season 6 Episode 32

Twenty Questions

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Nov 29, 2006 on The Nine Network

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  • Kate ain't no Tess...

    Jumping brother to brother? Kate is a whiney, sniveling, pathetic character. Ride off into the sunset!!
  • Kate and Dave leave for Africa. Alex divorce finished, introducing a new character and the return of Matt...

    Kate and Dave are cute together and probably meant for each other. But what of Kates self respect?
    Dave suddenly realize that he loves Kate just before he leaves for good and expect her to run in to his arm and leave everything behind and follow with him to Africa. He never even noticed her before, and she always fancied him. Not fair and she just won the young farmer award. Well, she wasnt forced to do it but it feels so... old fashioned. Kate always do what Daves want. And wonder what Patrick feel about this?
    First was Becky leaving because of Jake, then Tess left
    to Argentina for the sake of Nicks well being and now Kate...
    Its like, the only way for the drovers women to be with the men they love its to leave the place. Maybe there is a curse over Drovers run.
  • Yeh yeh , wateva. Kate loves Dave so what, in the next episodes they'll get together. I'll give anybody a million dollar bet on it if they want.

    It wasn't the best episode i've ever seen. Mcleods normally sneds me round the bend but this weeks was just ok. It was so obious that kate was going to win the award, just a pity that Steve and Alex didn't make up. i sssssssoooooo want them to be together. soooooooo S A D isn't it. I Hate fiona, why did she have to saw the table in half, no its no use to anybody, is it. the dumb ass. Alex would have given her everything she wanted had she only asked. I wish Alex and listened to steve in the ifrst place then none of this would have happened.
  • After so long of waiting fo all these different story lines to work themselves out and move along they did. I do not remember a more packed episode then this one. The only trouble now is that there are not enough spoilers about next season.

    It was terrific. One of if not my favourite episodes. Finally movement between kate and dave and jodi and riley and with the suprise guest at the end of the show - I did not see that coming (well maybe I did but who better than Rob to help move jodi out of the show), But tension between alex, stevie and fiona was wonderfully done in this episode and after seeing it, it makes you wonder wether Brice has got something up his sleeve or might be working with Fiona - that is a story line to watch. I just can\\\\\\\'t wait til it come back next year.
  • Kate and Dave =) *may contain spoilers for next year*

    okay so this episode i really really liked. fiona was being a really nasty *person* like she always is, but hey. in the end that gets sorted out. a very odd girl comes into town and causes trouble for regan because of the mining accident - this problem doesn't really get resolved. as for kate and dave, this was my favourite part of the whole episode. i was just so happy with all her flashes and dream sequences. when he heard them say that she had loved him all along, and he finally read the letter i was just like *jumping up and down for joy* =D then he asked her the questions and she knew all of them :) no surprises there but hey. and then they kissed =D YAY!! Finally. i was so happy when she decided to go with him, but who knows how long that will last because in the next preview we see her as a *favourite coming back* so im not sure. im guessing that she does come back and will probably wait for dave. but hey, im just happy that they are together now.