McLeod's Daughters

Season 1 Episode 1

Welcome Home

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Aug 08, 2001 on The Nine Network

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  • claire= bossy older sister Tess= city girl in the outback Alex= handsome neighbour Nick= his brother who walks limb Meg= housemaid at drovers

    Love Love Love Love Love This episode. It’s the very first and the most important of al!
    The one where Tess comes home after have lived half her life in the city with her mother.
    After fiftheen years she comes back because her father died and left her half of drovers.
    Before she knows it she stands in front of Claire Mc Leod her half sister
    And of couse that doesn’t go reilly well. Afther leiving the cows out and reilizing that she is actually afraid of big animals (good thing you go to a farm) Her sister finaly invites her to stay at drovers. luckily because what would be Mc Leods Daugthers without Tess Mc Leod?
  • The first ep and a great one!

    I love McLeods Daughters! It is an awsome show, and i loved this episode! I only started to watch from the begining of season 4 so this explain alot ... like who Clair was lol she is so cooooooooooooooooooool! It's interesting to see how Tess in this episode is a complete City girl and now (the wednesday shows) she is more than capable of Riding, drenching and all the other farm stuff! I love it! Jodi's princess attitude is also different in the upto date seris, she manages Drovers Run and is hell more responsible! McLeods Daughters lover 4eva!
  • Absolutely amazing start to what we expect is going to be a very intense relationship between the sisters.

    TEss the city slicker and Claire who has been working an outback station with her dad since she was 15 meet and clash for the first time in 20 years when the inherit the cattle station Drovers Run after their fathers unexpected death.

    Its a fiery first episode with all the makings of an amazing series. Dramatic events and lies are unfolded, while two women try desperately to a) avoid each other and b) grow closer.

    The woman are left with an amazing property to run and keep alive, and you get the feeling that against all odds, the will some how suceed.