McLeod's Daughters

Season 6 Episode 7

What Lies Beneath

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Apr 26, 2006 on The Nine Network

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  • Nick coming back from the dead, flashbacks from Argentina ... Sounds a bit like Days of Our Lives

    Nick coming back from the dead, flashbacks from Argentina ... Sounds a bit like Days of Our Lives.

    Not sure how I really like this storyline ...
    Yeah well I'll keep watching to see what happens

    I am glad to see Meg back in it but if she really loves Terry she had better get back to Drovers and fast because Terry and Moira are getting very close.

    Dave should also pull his finger out and let Kate know how he feels about her and likewise with her to him. They would be quite cute together.

    Also really good to see they used Adelaide and not Melbourne for a change!
  • PMS or a well written episode you decide

    This was a wonderful episode. I cried my eyes out over it in places. The show was excellent and both well acted and performed. The episode gives hints as to what extactly happened while Nick was in Argentina. The more of the episode that was performed the more confused I got in places. Then I finally realised what was going on.
    The tears were shed throughout the whole entire episode of the show. I shed tears at the start for Nick and Tess when they first saw each other again. For Kate for being so brave and fianlly realising that she needs her friends. For Jodi when she and her mum finally made up together aagin. And finally for Moira beacuse she was able to smile again. But I have to say Dave needs to get his finger out of his ass BEFORE he loses Kate for good. Those two are destined for each other and nee to get their asses into gear.
    Last tears were for Tess and Nick as they sat in the bath together.