McLeod's Daughters

Season 6 Episode 8

Where The Heart Is

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM May 03, 2006 on The Nine Network

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  • so bye

    No! Nick and Tess can't be gone forever. With Tess pregnant, she needs to have her baby at the place she loves, Drover's Run.
  • Mcleods Daughters

    This show is the very best I have seen. I have never watched a show this good . Tess and Nick are my favorite stars and I dont want to see the last of them. All of the show is good but it will never be the same or exciting without them. I am watching it the second time, as soon as I saw it the first time. and I dont lack very many eposides and I cant wait to see Nick and tess, I loved them. Thanks for the most wonderful movie I have ever seen.
  • They're really gone

    I remember how sad I was the first time that Nick and Tess left for Argentina, but I was just getting used to seeing them again and now they're finally gone. This episode was a real tearjerker, I cried like a baby when they all had to say their goodbyes in a hurry. And when Tess asked Claire for a sign, I still miss Claire a lot!

    And OMG, that was one heck of a cliffhanger, how am I supposed to get through the weekend? The next episode is only on Monday and I'm so excited to see what happens next. I'm afraid Rob will either die or leave, so Jodi will once again be heartbroken.
  • The wild brumbies are giving Tess a sign

    This was a damm fine episode. It took a while to get started but was a great way to farewell Bridie Carter from the show. I loved the way the show was written it was smooth and flowed well from one scene to the next. I also enjoyed the metaphor of using the Brumbies to give Tess a sign that she and Nick should return to Argentina. It was a good way to show Tess more spiritual side to the audience.
    As for the ending. OMG!! It was certainly a twist to the tail in a big, big way. you did kinda know this guys was going to be trouble but hello! Here comes the action again. The question is who will kill the bad guy. I'm betting on Kate.
  • Last episode of Nick and Tess.

    Well can the show now survive that Nick and Tess have gone?
    It must have been really hard for Nick loosing such a chunk of his life. It would be hard to know where he stood and what to go on with next ... continue or start new?

    It was also hard on Terry this week to decide on what to do with his relationship with Meg. She always seems to put everything first except Terry. Maybe it is time for him to move on?

    I was happy to see little Charlotte back to say good-bye to her Auntie.

    Action packed with Jodi and Rob, they are running for their lives and are in grave danger. What will happen ... we wil see next week!