McMillan & Wife

Season 5 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 1975 on NBC



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    • Sally: I love you. (Kisses Mac. Aftershock.) Magic. Still there.

    • Mac: Isn't it the game that counts, and not really the prize?
      Ken Ryan: Only on television.

    • Sgt. Enright: I hope you don't parla Italiano, Sir.
      Mac: Why?
      Sgt. Enright: She said she hopes your teeth rot and your hair falls out.
      Mac: It happens to all of us sooner or later.
      Sgt. Enright: I think she meant sooner.

    • Mac: He was really a Greek agent.
      Derek: That's funny, I didn't know William Morris had an office over there.

    • Mildred: He said a lot of sweet nothings to me, Commissioner. I think he wanted my body, such as it is.

    • Demetrios: (On the phone to Mildred.) A charming woman such as yourself deserves to taste more of life, not to mention my tremendous moussaka.

    • Roger Stambler: Next time I come I promise I'll have something really penetrating to say.

    • Luciana: A house is like a woman-of much more desirability with a scarlet past.

    • (Ernie is arrested in the pawnshop.)
      Ernie: (To Ames, the pawnbroker.) I hope your business falls off!

    • Mildred: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all? (Aftershock.) Cut that out!

    • Harrington: You know, ah, that emerald thing, that could be a very good selling point, you know.
      Mac: Goodbye, Mr. Harrington.
      Harrington: Well, think it over.

    • Sally: I think she likes you.
      Mac: (Feigning disinterest.) Who?
      Sally: That!
      Mac: (As before.) What?
      Sally: The belly dancer. Look at that! She's got muscles in places that I don't even have places.
      Mac: You underestimate yourself.

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