McMillan & Wife

Season 2 Episode 2

Blues for Sally M

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 1972 on NBC

Episode Recap

Nobody is more puzzled than Sally when Buzz Simms, a rising composer she has never met, writes a new piece called "Blues for Sally M." in her honor. He invites Sally and a slightly disbelieving Mac to dinner, but the McMillans find him stabbed by an unknown assailant. As Mac and Sgt. Enright try to determine who might have tried to kill Simms (his manager, his ex-girlfriend and a rival producer are all possible suspects), someone may have the same fate in store for Sally. The evidence suggests she may be the attacker, but the real killer makes a very public try on her life. As Mac deals with increasing pressure from the DA to treat Sally as a suspect, Sally tries to get to the bottom of both Simms' and the attacker's infatuation with her. Mac and Sally are stumped, until Mac suspects a connection between a blind music critic and the brash young compser that may explain the mystery...