McMillan & Wife

Season 2 Episode 2

Blues for Sally M

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 1972 on NBC

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  • Quintessential "McMillan & Wife" episode.

    Though the solution is obvious about 20 minutes before Mac figures it out, "Blues for Sally M" is a nice mystery that gets points for bringing both McMillan and Wife into the story. There are several little puzzles to solve in this episode, along with the over-arching attempted murder plot. Even though there is a sense of danger, the tone of the episode is breezy. The banter between Mac and Sally is great in this episode, particularly with Sally's insistence that she has never met her infatuated composer. There the requisite "McMillan and Wife" foot chases and some good physical comedy from the underrated John Schuck. It is episodes like this that exemplify the show's regular comparisons to "The Thin Man." These are high society, dinner jacket and cocktail mysteries that never take themselves too seriously.

    Plus, 60s and 70s crime show fans get to see Don Mitchell ("Mark Sanger" from "Ironside") behind a handlebar mustache and James Brown hairdo as a suspect in the murder! What would the Chief think?