McMillan & Wife

Season 5 Episode 1

Deadly Inheritance

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 1975 on NBC



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    • Sally: Well, the moral of this story is you can't fight city hall.

    • Mildred: (To Andy.) Try not to fall in this one, it took me all day to bake it.

    • Mac: Ridden in a helicopter?
      Enright: Actually, Sir, I'm more of a balloon man. I mean, I'm full of hot air, but I can rise to the occasion.
      Mac: Oh good.

    • Beatrice: Sally, don't you worry about a thing. I'm an excellent judge of human nature, and this man has no intention of shooting you.
      Sally: Beatrice, he's a murderer.
      Beatrice: Oh, that was just poison. Not the same thing at all.

    • Beatrice: Sally, isn't it wonderful? Mr. Halsey isn't a murderer, just a crook.
      Halsey: No, just a businessman, Mrs. McMillan.

    • Halsey: You're really incredible, Mrs. McMillan.
      Beatrice: Flattery does not impress me, Sir.

    • Halsey: Don't lecture me, Mrs. McMillan. The corporate world is a snake pit, as you're discovering. Men like myself survive any way we can.

    • (Beatrice proposes to make coffee.)
      Beatrice: How do you want it cooked, black?
      Sally: I think that would be best.

    • (After second murder attempt on Andy in hospital.)
      Mac: What happened to the guard?
      Sally: Oh, he had to step down the hall for a minute.
      Mac: What for?!
      Sally: Well, even guards have to step down the hall for a minute.
      Mac: Oh.

    • Winfield: (Toast after a round of golf.) Here's sand in your bunker.

    • Beatrice: Are you placing me under house arrest?
      Mac: No, of course not!
      Beatrice: Then, in a word, bug off.
      Sally: That's two words, Beatrice.
      Beatrice: Two words.

    • Beatrice: Sergeant, be a dear. There are a few reporters out there, and I'd like them to take a few pictures when you slap me in irons.

    • Sally: I really should tell you I'm the commissioner's wife.
      Sergeant: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I suppose the old biddy's his mother.
      Beatrice: That's lovely. He recognized me!

    • Sgt. Muldare: (After dropping her papers.) I hope to be made a Captain by the time I'm thirty, if I can get someone to notice me.
      Mac: I don't think that's a major problem.

    • Perkins: What makes you think you can buy a city official for ten dollars?
      Beatrice: He's right, Buck. Give him twenty.

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