McMillan & Wife

Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 1976 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The exploding yacht scene (see below), owing to the constraints of the shooting schedule, is made up of shots filmed at various hours of the day, from mid- or late afternoon to dusk, without sequence.

  • Quotes

    • Agatha: Mildred, would you cancel my cab please, dear? With Jenny here, I'm sure I can stay another week.
      Mildred: (To Mac.) Cancel her cab, will ya?

    • Agatha: (Packing up.) Well, I guess I have everything.
      Mildred: Yeah, and more. This is mine.

    • Sally: (In "disguise" as Jenny.) Have you met Mrs. McMillan?
      Halsted: No, I ...
      Sally: Oh, she is super. So
      sophisticated, and so charming, and so ...
      Mac: So predictable.

    • Sally: You know, I think that greed is clouding your personal judgement.
      Mildred: Oh, yeah, I'm sure that's right.

    • Agatha: (Answering phone.) Hello? Just a minute, I'll see if she's in. (Covers phone.) Who's Sarah Farnsworth?
      Sally: Only the richest woman in San Francisco.
      Mildred: Who's the call for, Agatha?
      Agatha: Me.

    • Sally: Do you really think Roger Thornton killed his aunt?
      Mac: (Brushing his teeth.) Rrrrgh.
      Sally: My thoughts exactly.

    • Sgt. Enright: Hey! Something's burning!
      Agatha: Oh, that's my girdle. I was just drying it out.

    • Agatha: And that's the whole reason?
      Miguel: That, and the fact that I find you-please don't take offense-physically entrancing.
      Agatha: You're kidding.

    • Mildred: Besides, he's the one you said was a piranha.
      Agatha: A hasty judgment. You're just jealous. Miguel is obviously a man of very good taste.

    • Mac: You have a fascinating mind, Agatha.
      Mildred: It kind of runs in the family.
      Mac: That's true.

    • Agatha: No wonder crime's up thirty percent. Nobody wants to make an arrest around here.

    • Agatha: Why don't you give yourself a title, like Internal Domestic Consultant? Then you can ask for a raise.
      Mildred: I don't need a raise.

    • Agatha: What that child needs is some financial counseling, but what she's going to get is every two-bit fast buck artist in town trying to climb into her bed.
      Mildred: As it were.
      Agatha: Is, was, were... what's the difference?

    • Agatha: (Sobbing inarticulately.)
      Mildred: Agatha.
      Agatha: (As before.) She's... probably... dead in there...
      Mildred: No, Agatha, it's all right. She rallied.
      Agatha: Rallied?
      Butler: May I bring you anything, Madam?
      Agatha: Bourbon and a twist. Straight up.

    • Mildred: I appreciate your being with me in my hour of need.
      Sally: Aw, Mildred, your Aunt Wilhelmina isn't dead yet.
      Mac: Maybe she'll rally.
      Mildred: No, I talked to the lawyer. He says it's the end.

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