McMillan & Wife

Season 4 Episode 4

Guilt by Association

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 1974 on NBC



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    • Mildred: (Answering phone.) Oh, hello, Mr. Mordanti.
      Mac: (Sotto voce.) Not home! Not home!
      Mildred: I'm sorry, the commissioner's not home. Not home.

    • Sally: Well, I was just down in the coffee shop and the cook said his dog died of gopher poison the night of the murder! Don't you think that's sad?
      Mac: Sally, Sgt. Enright and I were almost killed just now! That's sad!
      (They leave. Mordanti, the hotel detective, has obliviously taken out his pad and pencil, making notes.)
      Mordanti: (Without looking up.) What kind of dog was it?

    • (In attorney-at-law Leon Silver's wood-paneled outer office.)
      Mac: Why are we whispering?
      Sally: Oh, it's so dignified! It's like a museum! I always whisper in museums.

    • Mac: And the bread isn't even brown.
      Mildred: Better to pop up prematurely than never pop up at all. Right, Commissioner?

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