McMillan & Wife

Season 5 Episode 7

Point of Law

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 1976 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • There is an apparent conflict of interest. As McMillan points out, he "can't be a police commissioner and a naval officer at the same time: it's against the law." But "old friends can still have conversations," therefore his consultations with Sgt. Enright are not a mistake.

  • Quotes

    • Mac: Mildred, are you still here?
      Mildred: I haven't finished your milk and cookies yet.
      Mac: Why don't you finish them downstairs?
      Mildred: What about you guys?
      Mac: Sally and I are going to spend a little time doing what most married couples do.
      Mildred: Oh, we going to watch television?
      Mac: Say good night, Mildred.
      Mildred: Good night, Mildred.

    • Mildred: Here we are, milk and cookies for own William Jennings Bryan.
      Mac: William Jennings Bryan lost the biggest case of his career.
      Mildred: Well, maybe he could win on appeal.

    • Cmdr. Campbell: There seems to be some faint chance that your client is innocent.

    • Sally: Gunshops? What are we going to be looking for in gunshops?
      Mac: Bullets.
      Sally: Bullets? We've got a whole box of them in the dresser drawer.
      Mac: Not any more. I ate the last one this morning.

    • Sally: Mac, for the first time in my life, I'm more tired than I am curious. Just tell me in the morning. Home, James.

    • Mac: (reading brief on exercise bike) Am I in your way?
      Mildred: (stopping him to read over his shoulder) Boy, this is better than a porno movie.

    • Cmdr. Campbell: Oh, I don't mind police commissioners. It's JAG reserve officers I haven't much time for.

    • Mac: You have no glamor in your soul, Mildred, not an ounce.
      Mildred: We of the broom brigade, Commander Commissioner, take a different view of things.

    • Mac: The woman has no patriotism.
      Sally: None at all.

    • (Mac is in his naval uniform.)
      Sally: Mac, you look beautiful.
      Mac: Mm, not bad for an old sea dog.
      Mildred: Yes, especially one who's never been to sea.

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