McMillan & Wife

NBC (ended 1977)


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  • Hudson, St James & Walker - what more do you want? Well, yeah, there's mystery too... and not just about Hudson's personal life!

    Rock Hudson comes out swingin in '70s San Francisco in the lead role of Police Commisioner McMillan. Former model with comedic edge Susan St James is his perfect foil as wife Sally (86 to Hudson's 99, who got to guest host SNL and most recently turned up on The Drew Carey Show). There was also wisecracking housekeeper Mildred, played to perfection by Nancy Walker (who took the San Fran demographic and ran with it in later life, playing camp icon Ida Morgenstein in Rhoda and then directiong Village People's You Can't Stop The Music film). Not only were Hudson and St James' outfits immaculately stylish (St James was a model at one time) but so was the writing (one ep penned by Steven Bocho) and direction (Daniel Petrie and John Astin amongst the scipt team). Fleshing out the suspenseful mysteries was an extremely well-put-together supporting cast: John Shuck as police sidekick Enright (he went to oddball robo-com Holmes & Yoyo), Gloria Stroock (she guested on Holmes & Yoyo later...), Martha Raye as Mildred's sister and, of course former Addams Family and Batman star Astin. Always fun, often chilling and only let down by drearily bowing out as just McMillan minus St James and Walker, with Hudson as a single man in San Fran and not once seen in the Castro.