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NBC (ended 1977)


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  • Mary Miller Fox ?Many who watched McMillan and Wife over the years overlooked this attractive,and talented young lady,who is the sister of Susan Saint James,and often played her double,or stand in,as well as playing bit parts.Where is she now? Ask

    Mary Miller Fox played many roles in the McMillan and
    Wife series. Her real name is Mary Mercedes Miller,younger sister
    of Susan Saint James {born Susan Jane Miller}. Mary played short parts that sometimes consisted of
    being a double,or stand in for Susan.Mary also played small parts in several of the McMillan episodes. If you look carefully for her,you will see the sisterly resemblance,when next to Susan in a scene. Though younger,she had the long brown hair,approximate height,complexion,as her lovely older sister,except her
    lovely blue eyes are about the only give away in likeness in a closeup. Should have been a star !