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  • McMillan and Wife is about a very pro-active San Francisco Police commissioner and his Busy Body wife Sally.

    One of my favorites. Which belong to a sub group of detective/mystery show I call Busy Body Mystery's. In this case it is a wife who is the busy body wannabe cop. First I want to say this show really brings back the 70's for me. Forget the Brady Bunch or those phony 70's shows. Take a look at McMillan and wife to see what people were really wearing back in the 70's down to Sally's various hair styles. Also the interior shots of their various condos were right on too. Whoever did the costumes and the designs on the show knew their jobs.
    I also liked the way the writers showed them as a couple. Even though there is a obvious age difference they complimented each other. For the 70's it was very racy because as the viewer you knew they were having a lot of sex. I loved that. One episode Sally had to sleep on the floor until she got a bed board. She mentioned she couldn't sleep on the floor anymore. Well the person she was talking to said something like well at least your husband can sleep in the bed. She looked at them as to say he is on the floor with me. They other person asks why would he sleep on the floor with her and she gave this very telling look.
    Lt. Enright, McMillans right hand man was not as popular with me as he was with other viewers. He was ok but the character seemed too wishy washy for my taste. Mildred the housekeeper who I think use to work for McMillans family was hilarious. She actually is the head of the household and she should be running the police force.
    McMillan has got to be the most pro active commissioner known to man. THis guy went out and solved cases, got shot at, chased down suspects. And his wife Sally went along with him. Sometimes she even solves the case herself! Pure escapist entertainment, and I loved it.
    The complaints I have is that if I remember correctly Sally was pregnant twice. I think the writers wanted to bring a child in the story and they then nixed it. In the first show Sally is working with kids in a hospital, so maybe they thought her having her own child would work out too. Then she is pregnant again and she disappears, we never see the baby. Later shows mention that Sally and the baby got killed in a plane crash. Then the show just turns into McMillan and goes straight downhill. But before that the show is fun and to me a real 70's TV.
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