McMillan & Wife

Season 5 Episode 4

Secrets for Sale

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 1975 on NBC



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    • Sally: Well, they certainly make a perfect couple.
      Mac: Sally Virginia, you're a woman of fickle temper.
      Sally: Well, that's what keeps you interested, isn't it?
      Mac: Mesmerized.
      (He overflows her glass with champagne.)

    • Mac: (reading blackmail letter) You really are a swinger.
      Sally: Uh-huh. A promiscuous swinger.
      Mac: Uh. The worst kind.

    • Sally: It says there that your wife is a promiscuous swinger and a user of drugs.

    • Mac: Don't talk about this in the house. Remember the bug in the plant.
      Sally: I know, I watered it!

    • Mac: How was lunch?
      Sally: I didn't touch a bite of it. How about you?
      Mac: Oh, I had a bit of it. It bit back.

    • (The MacMillans' house is bugged.)
      Sally: How can you make love when you know that someone's listening in?
      Mac: Very quietly.

    • Mildred: You can't win around here! Will someone please tell me where my loyalty lies?
      Mac: Who writes your check every week?
      Mildred: A telling point.

    • Mildred: (on telephone) Commissioner McMillan, please. Tell him it's meddler call-uh, Mildred.

    • Sally: "Where there's smoke, there's fire!"
      Mac: Exactly. It's a bromide men in public office have learned to respect.

    • Danziger: We also take on some government work from time to time. It can get a little cloak-and-daggerish.
      Enright: (grinning) Well, that should keep things interesting!

    • Enright: Well, to tell you the truth, Sir, my first relationship with a girl wasn't very eventful.
      Danziger: So I've been told.

    • Maggie: So you're not going to push some... preference on me?
      Mac: Have I ever pushed some... preference on you before?
      Maggie: Mrs. McMillan always has a very strong opinion.
      Mac: Not this year.
      Maggie: Why?
      Mac: She forgot to register.

    • Simpson: Mac, you know I wouldn't bother you if the kid was a lox.

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