MDA - Season 2

ABC1 (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori
    Episode 22
    Frank Prinzi represents himself in a case against psychiatrist Dr. Bentley because of his severe memory loss caused by debilitating depression. Meanwhile, Layla gets ruling from the supreme court over her non cognitive grandmother.
  • Pas de Deux
    Pas de Deux
    Episode 21
    Ella has a new staff member called Mikhail Voronin at St. Albans Emergency Department who is disrespectful and disruptive to the hospital protocols. The admins of St Albans would like to get rid of him but he has become attracted to Ella. Meanwhile, the relationship between Simon and Amanda begins to get rocky once they go to investigate a GP that was accused of over servicing.moreless
  • Without Prejudice
    Without Prejudice
    Episode 20
    Simon and Amanda represent Dr. Freeman, a GP whose 15 year old anorexic patient died. While things are looking bad for Dr. Freeman because he recommended that the dead girl and her mother be hospitalized.
  • Bigger Fish to Fry
    Bigger Fish to Fry
    Episode 19
    Richard represents a young tennis player named Brett Ferris who claims a shoulder surgery that has cut short his career. Meanwhile, the MDA team go to search for a defense in the tennis player's case.
  • Conflict of Interest
    Happy persists with attending his son's therapy sessions. He is improving but he becomes amazed when Dr. Alfarno is accused of sexual misconduct with a patient.
  • Second Bite
    Second Bite
    Episode 17
    Richard's new assistant, Fran brings in a working class mother that became pregnant after a contraceptive device was accidentally implanted. Meanwhile, Richard tries to run a wrongful birth case as he discovers that other women have fallen under the same situation.
  • Caveat Medicus
    Caveat Medicus
    Episode 16
    Happy's ordeal in the coronial inquest continues. Meanwhile, Simon Lloyd withdraws his resignation to Happy's further chagrin.
  • All Care, No Responsibility
    Happy becomes trapped into representing a rude and egotistical surgeon that has been suspected of euthanasia. Meanwhile, at the Coroner's court, an evidence points to the surgeon having injected a terminally ill man with deadly drugs.
  • The Samaritan Kind
    The Samaritan Kind
    Episode 14
    Simon is taken with Dr. Sarah Christie to save him from a burning truck. Meanwhile, Simon together with Amanda begin to dig into the background of their case and discover that Sarah Christie was with her lover at the time of the accident.
  • St. Crispin's Day
    St. Crispin's Day
    Episode 13
    Happy has all hands full, when he has to negotiate with Richard to avoid a huge damage claim. He also has to run from a stalker and has to fight to keep Mark Matthews president of the MDA. Plastic surgeon Vince Phillips wants to become new president but is sued by a woman who claims her marriage ended because of her surgery.moreless
  • Judgement Day
    Judgement Day
    Episode 12
    Happy and Simon are desperate when the MDA board refuses to pay a neurosurgeon for experimental spinal surgery. Layla tries to help them, since a paraplegic patient waits hopefully in hospital. Richard sees more in an attractive client, than just his customer; meanwhile Amanda and Jamie get into trouble.
  • A Reasonable Passion
    Eric begins to regain consciousness in the hospital and embarrasses his son Richard by flirting with the nurses. While Simon and Amanda represent a GP who treated his own brother and failed to diagnose him with rectal cancer.
  • A Closer Walk
    A Closer Walk
    Episode 10
    Eric, a retired tram driver, arrives from Tasmania to tell his son that he's remarrying. While Simon and Amanda discover that there was no anaesthetist present at the contentious birth or in the hospital, but their obstetrician member is part owner of the hospital.
  • Crossing the Line
    Crossing the Line
    Episode 9
    The press takes an interest as Happy and Amanda gear up for an appeal hearing in the Supreme Court. On the plaintiff's side, Caitlin is doing all the work and Richard is taking all the credit - as usual.
  • A Bird in the Hand
    A Bird in the Hand
    Episode 8
    Layla is frustrated when her pethidine overdose case ends up in court. Caitlin takes on a case involving a man that had gone through a surgery that left him damaged. Simon and Amanda end up representing the surgeon in the same case, only they have a different type of a problem - he won't talk to them.moreless
  • Paved with Good Intentions
    Amanda and Simon find themselves arguing over representing a student that was accused of sexual harassment. Layla helps out an old friend who has a sister with brain damage due to a pethidine overdose.
  • Taking it on the Chin
    As Ella packs her bags to leave MDA, a surgeon named Simon Lloyd begins his first day on the job. Amanda and Simon work on a vocal cords case together, while Richard learns that Caitlin's new boyfriend is a murder suspect.
  • Whipping Boy
    Whipping Boy
    Episode 5
    Ella, unhappy at Happy and Amanda's legal tactics over representing a deceased MDA member, tells Happy that she's been offered a fulltime job at St Albans Hospital. As she thinks it over - and then accepts the job - she approaches surgeon Simon Lloyd as her replacement. When Happy realises that Ella really is leaving MDA, he regards it as a betrayal. Caitlin and Richard argue over the case of a woman left with paralysed vocal chords after a throat operation. Caitlin thinks the woman has no case, but cunning Richard finds a point of attack. The real source of tension between them is Caitlin's new lover, Justin. Over at MDA, a psychiatrist seeks Amanda's advice. The police are bugging her therapy sessions with a man they suspect of murder. Amanda realises that man is Justin. What does she do about it? Meanwhile, Jamie is haunted by traumatic memories of Tony's death as he prepares to give evidence in the Cathcart murder and attempted murder trial. But when he is able to confess his guilt to Ella - he saved himself, while Tony died saving her - acceptance and healing begin.moreless
  • A Time and a Place
    A Time and a Place
    Episode 4
    Richard and Caitlin represent a nun who has had a complete mastectomy of a perfectly healthy breast. Happy and Amanda defend the surgeon who mixed up the biopsy results. Amanda's defence - that the loss of a breast is not an adverse outcome for a nun - is inventive, to say the least, and Happy is both shocked and impressed. Ella is shocked and disappointed. Still in turmoil after her brush with death and the loss of Tony, Ella is offered a fulltime job as Head of Emergency at her hospital, St Alban's. Of course this would mean quitting MDA. Jamie is thrown further off balance when Wendy tells him she's still thinking of joining Doctors Without Borders and doing aid work overseas. Before that issue can even be discussed, Ella, Jamie and Wendy try to save a young mother who urgently needs a heart transplant. They must persuade the grieving parents of a brain dead boy to accept that he is gone and to allow their son to be an organ donor in time. But bureaucratic delays and a fateful meeting between the woman's husband and the boy's mother leaves things too late. It's the last straw for Wendy and she splits with Jamie, her job and Australia.moreless
  • Precious Little
    Precious Little
    Episode 3
    Ella and Happy face a hard fight defending a doctor who trusted a pathology report and thus missed a cancer in a nine-year-old boy. The biopsy slides and the pathologist are missing. Richard becomes emotionally involved with the terminally ill boy, and is shaken to discover that the parents absolutely refuse to tell their son he's dying. With the trial fast tracked, Ella enlists unpredictable surgeon Mr Simon Lloyd as an expert witness. His care and passion for the case and the mediation provide unexpected results and a violent response from Richard, when Simon breaks the rules and confronts the grieving parents. When the elusive pathologist shows up, she confesses she got it wrong and Ella is devastated. At Kato & Pittman, Caitlin is reminded of her junior status when Richard has her drawing up wills. But Caitlin discovers her client's husband could well have a very large med-neg claim against their GP, who failed to diagnose kidney failure. It should be an easy and big win for Caitlin, so she is very disappointed when her client refuses to go to court and accepts the settlement offered by Amanda and Jamie - a mere $1.2 million.moreless
  • Chinese Walls
    Chinese Walls
    Episode 2
    Caitlin tackles her first brief at Kato & Pittman: a potential million-dollar claim from an apparently permanently injured plaintiff against a doctor who admits negligence. But Caitlin is fooled: the man is faking his injuries. Happy is maliciously delighted to prove Caitlin, his former protégée, wrong. Richard is calm, but Caitlin is kicking herself. At MDA, Jamie clumps about on crutches and Happy interviews replacement case managers for Caitlin's position at MDA. Amanda is miffed that she must apply for the job she had thought she was doing so well. At the same time, Amanda and Ella are at odds as Ella relentlessly uncovers the conspiracy behind a doctor who neglected to tell his patient that she had contracted gonorrhoea from her husband. On the very day of her job interview, Amanda's letter of the law approach runs head-on into Ella's more complex moral position on medical indemnity. Amanda thinks she's blown it, but her nerve and forthright honesty get her the job.moreless
  • Eternity
    Episode 1
    The MDA team must deal with the painful aftermath of the attempted murder of Ella, Jamie and Tony. Despite eight hours in the operating theatre, Tony dies and the effect on the survivors is far-reaching and profound. While Jamie is eerily withdrawn, Ella comes to accept the loss. Caitlin waits for the injured Ella's return to work and then, goaded by Richard, announces her new job at Richard's firm. Happy will never forgive her and it is another blow for the fragile Ella. A locum legal case manager, Amanda McKay, joins MDA while Ella and Jamie recover. She works with Caitlin and Happy in defence of an IVF doctor accused of breach of contract. An IVF baby has died soon after birth, due to an undiagnosed genetic condition. MDA successfully defends the doctor, but the case could have far reaching consequences for IVF doctors and their patients. Meanwhile, Ella and Amanda go into mediation against Gretel Celeste, a medium who claims to have lost her psychic powers as a result of an appendectomy. As Ella struggles to calm the psychic, she finds understanding for herself and her recent tragedy.moreless