MDA - Season 3

ABC1 (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • A Human Cost - Part Four
    Dr. Gibson is once again accused of being incompetent and this time things are not looking good.
  • A Human Cost - Part Three
    Dr Gibson’s boyfriend, Dr Tim Whitney, is also accused of being incompetent when a patient dies in his care. The MDA team can not agree on whether Dr Whitney has a case or not.
  • A Human Cost - Part Two
    Things are not getting any easier for Dr Gibson as she now also has to front up to the Health Review Board but Happy stands by her despite others doubts.
  • A Human Cost - Part One
    Dr Liz Gibson a young intern is accused of incompetence and Happy is asked to investigate on her behalf.
  • Departue Lounge - Part Four
    Dr Morello is found of some wrong doing and will have to pay a lot of money out of his own pocket but his seniors are still happy to have him around. Dr Morello though still is unsure about Dr Carr and wants to continue to investigate.
  • The Departure Lounge - Part Three
    Happy recalls Jamie from his holiday without informing the others of his decision. Andrew arrives for work and is shocked to be told his services are no longer required. Happy’s reason is that he seems to not have the time to devote to MDA but Andrew suspects the Jye Farmer case has also played its part.moreless
  • The Departure Lounge - Part Two
    Andrew is torn when he learns that other children have died following surgery perfomed by Rupert Carr. He seeks the evidence he needs to go public with an accusation. Meanwhile, a writ arrives at the offices of MDA, implicating Andrew in the death of a young aboriginal boy in Albury-Wodonga. Andrew continues to put his career on the line by focussing on bringing Rupert Carr down.moreless
  • The Departure Lounge - Part One
    Whilst Jamie Lawless is on leave, Dr Andrew Morello is backfilling his position as medical case manager at MDA. Andrew makes a positive impression on Amanda and Happy when he out manoeuvres the tenacious plaintiff lawyer Gabrielle Bromley in a mediation. Their enthusiasm however is tempered when Andrew’s heavy workload as an anaesthetist at Norwood Hospital starts to impinge on his duties at MDA. MDA have to defend Dr Ted Walsh, an elderly anaesthetist who also works at Norwood Hospital and who is being sued by a patient claiming a botched epidural. In discussion with Ted after the interview, Andrew learns of the chance to participate in some specialised surgery with Mr Rupert Carr.moreless
  • Second Chance - Part Four
    When Luke Rodman brings up a sexual harassment complaint against Robyn she seeks legal advice from Amanda. Luke also accuses Robyn of tampering with test results, an accusation which is confirmed by Julia. The evidence against Robyn does not look good and Amanda is not at all convinced of her innocence. Belinda and her biological begin preparations for the kidney transplant. Meanwhile, Happy informs Robyn that MDA will not provide indemnity and thus Belinda’s transplant operation will be cancelled.moreless
  • Second Chance - Part Three
    The lab team and MDA staff deal with the fallout from Julia’s suicide attempt. Amanda's concerns about Dr Masterson fall on deaf ears so she begins her own investigation and finds evidence of what looks like medical fraud. Belinda responds well to the drug trial but her kidney transplant is in jeopardy when her mother is stricken from the list of suitable donors. Happy cofronts Robyn with Amanda's findings.moreless
  • Second Chance - Part Two
    Belinda's drug trial looks in doubt after the break-in at the lab may have compromised the laboratory's work. However, determined to go ahead with the trial before Belinda's kidney transplant, Robyn instructs her team to keep mum about the incident.
  • Second Chance - Part One
    Happy meets with a leading medical research laboratory to inform them that MDA won’t be indemnifying their trial but has a change of heart when he attends a presentation by the laboratory's director, Dr Robyn Masterson.