Me and the Chimp

CBS (ended 1972)


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  • A chimp and a dentist - what genius thunk this up?

    When talking about obscure TV shows this one came up in conversation. It lasted 13 episodes? That in and of itself is totally amazing. I guess after the success of the Planet of the Apes movies they figured the public would swallow a load of crap like this? Ive never seen it, but just reading the summaries left me shaking my head. With plots like these how could it fail?:

    -When Mike loses his keys, Button easily retrieves them.
    -Anniversary woes for Mike and Liz: their pet chimp keeps butting into their romantic evening.
    -Buttons loses a flashlight at a drive-in theater.
    -Officials believe Buttons is AWOL from the space program.
    -Liz is allergic to Buttons. (Finale)

    WOW. At least this will help get me to Level 19. LOL!
  • Bottom of the barrel sitcom.

    The 90's had the Brian Benben Show. The 80's had You Again. The 60's had My Mother the Car. Each of the aforementioned shows was the worst sitcom of its particular decade. That honor for the 70's belonged to Me and the Chimp which was originally entitled The Chimp and I. The title was changed when star Ted Bessell reportedly refused to take second billing to a chimpanzee. Bessell should have refused the project entirely and run like a scalded dog. It ended up destroying his promising career as an actor for he'd done good work on both Gomer Pyle and That Girl. After Me and the Chimp, Bessell had to turn to directing in order to get work in Hollywood. In a way it was a shame because Bessell had talent but if he was stupid enough to be involved in a horrible concept like Me and the Chimp some would say that he deserved every bit of what happened to him. Me and the Chimp is largely forgotten today and it's probably just as well because it only lasted 13 episodes. But those 13 episodes were some of the worst television that has ever been offered. Even the worst is worthy of some mention.