Me and the Chimp

CBS (ended 1972)


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  • A chimp and a dentist - what genius thunk this up?

    When talking about obscure TV shows this one came up in conversation. It lasted 13 episodes? That in and of itself is totally amazing. I guess after the success of the Planet of the Apes movies they figured the public would swallow a load of crap like this? Ive never seen it, but just reading the summaries left me shaking my head. With plots like these how could it fail?:

    -When Mike loses his keys, Button easily retrieves them.
    -Anniversary woes for Mike and Liz: their pet chimp keeps butting into their romantic evening.
    -Buttons loses a flashlight at a drive-in theater.
    -Officials believe Buttons is AWOL from the space program.
    -Liz is allergic to Buttons. (Finale)

    WOW. At least this will help get me to Level 19. LOL!