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Episode 101

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 17, 2007 on Showtime
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Episode 101
We meet the Brogans as they move into their new neighborhood of Meadowlands. Jack Donnelly is a handyman for the neighborhood and Dr. York is a general practitioner. Both gentlemen have secrets of their own.

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  • Cape Wrath: Derived from the Old Norse for "turning point"

    It is called Cape Wrath in the UK and I think the name takes it's meaning, the same at the real Cape Wrath in Scotland, from the Old Norse for "turning point", as it's where Vikings would turn their ships for home. Meadow lands is a turning point for the Characters as from when they arrive, their lives and identities change. Wrath is also one of the deadly sins and I think a lot of the characters are guilty of this.

    I found the show to be brilliantly dark and different. There will undoubtedly be twists and revelations to come. I can't wait to find out more and will reserve judgement for a couple episodes.moreless
  • We call it Cape Wrath in England But I'm still not sure if I "get it" or not.

    I think this show is going to fall into he category of a "Di Vinchi Code" show. I enjoyed it but I haven't got a ****in clue what was going on for a major part of the episode.

    Well first I thought the black woman was the main mans bit on the side. (I'm not good on names)

    And I wasn't sure if Eddie was the main mans previous name or if it was someone they killed.

    Some bits were really good and shocking, like when the old man jumped on Jacks head.

    I liked some bits of the storyline but I didn't like how long it was. The storyline was hard to follow and confusing.

    I hope it gets more simple next week and I hope that the main man doesn't go down for murder.

    ...Oh yeah, and why's it called Cape Wrath. I'd understand if it was called Meadowlandsmoreless
  • Desperate housewitnesses.

    Haven't watched anything this fresh and twisted since Profit series, over ten years back. Finding such ambiguous characters in a complex plot is very rare nowadays. Even though the series seems American, all the characters speak with an English accent, which refers to the UK particular universe and could explain the dull and unhealthy side of the intrigue, as well as the special humour and irony that can be found anywhere. No doubt that series doesn't take itself too seriously, trying, on a second level, to prove that there's nothing catchier than a program where the characters are not superficial nor caricatural like in Desperate Housewives that also explores the human soul in the same background without having the ability to propose anything else than a reality show.moreless
  • This was a little disappointing. Promising, but not a great pilot for a show on Showtime.

    I was quite intrigued when I heard about "Meadowlands", a new drama coming to Showtime. The show, a British series that I think is co-funded by the UK and the U.S. network Showtime - is supposed to be a thrilling and mysterious series with lots of "psychological intrigue" and "paranoia". The pilot episode does not exactly deliver on that promise.

    Not that much happens in the first episode, really. The Brogan family arrives in Meadowlands to start their new lives in witness protection, they meet a few weird neighbors - including Brenda Ogilvie, a desperate and neurotic woman who thinks her obese daughter Jezebel is one of the most beautiful women ever (literally) and Jack, the local creep/man-whore who is the fantasy of every pathetic woman in Meadowlands. (You'd think they would have cast a more decent-looking actor to play a part like that.)

    The Brogans have their own issues. The father, Danny, is the reason the family is in witness protection. His real name is Eddie Foy and he had opened a bar with funds from a criminal source, and later had to testify against them. The mother, Evelyn, is a bit narcissistic and has a strained emotional relationship with both her husband and children. Zoe is a teenage slut who is a bit mature for her age. She acts as the voice of her brother, Mark, who hasn't spoken a word since a fire four months earlier. Mark is an odd person - the way he was raised sort of left him asexual and emotionally underdeveloped. "Meadowlands" is a show that has an idea of what it wants to be but has so far failed in getting there. It has elements of "Twin Peaks" and "Desperate Housewives". It wants to be thrilling, intriguing, mysterious, and addictive. It managed to keep me intrigued enough to watch for a few more weeks to see if it gets better, but that's about it. The show needs serious work, from the writing to the acting. It could also use some characters that you actually cared for, because none of them are very likable.moreless
  • Great main story line but horrible smaller story line and scenes definitely only for the twisted.

    I can already tell this show will be quite different and so far pretty twisted. I do enjoy the beginnings of shows like this where the pieces have not been put together for us yet and we will be delivered a little bit each episode. If this show was put on regular channels, scenes and language would be changed, plus it would be cancelled halfway through the season. The main story line is great but I can do without the twisted, tormented, sexual whatever going on between the teenage boy and the older neighbor lady. Those scenes were pretty gross to the human eye. But now that his affections have turned to that woman's daughter; maybe now that will change. Now I do not know what to expect. There is also now this bizarre doctor who now looks like he has his crazy eyes on Lucy Brogan. Then there is "Jack the Handyman", that I think likes to be handy at everything. Being everyone living at Meadowlands is under the federal witness program, anything can happen on this show.moreless

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