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  • Meadowlands is a great show with an intriguing new topic. It mixes passion, drama, and creepiness in a fascinating new way.

    Being a person with no time to watch TV I came across this show at the perfect moment in my life. I found the subject matter riveting almost immediately, and the myriad of characters was wide enough that almost anyone could choose a favorite. The episodes were psychologically thrilling with the perfect amount of tension and suspense. I have to admit I am a sucker for an accent and it was refreshing to watch a whole series based upon people outside of North America. The last episode totally freaked me out and it kept me talking and thinking about it for weeks. I cannot wait to see what happens next season. My only problem with the show was the length - it was way too short!
  • God i hate this show like this much.

    This program began as something that would be pretty cool to watch but all in that 1st episode they gave all this info that was a total overload. the 1st episode could have easily been spread over 2 episdoes. the first episode shouldnt be so detailed but as for the second episode things where still a bit to complex and annoying detailed, it seems everyones on there own little mission to make this show self-destruct. Im going to keep watching and possibley writing more reviews on it and well come the final episode i shall ditch the program if i havent already or keep watching in a desperate hope that season 2 is something to talk about.
  • Please don't cancel it!

    I only found out this show a few weeks ago and watched all the the episodes online.I must admitt some of twists and dialogue is predictable, but that aside I absolutly loved it. I think the characters of very strong, each with their own intersting peronalities capable of carrying an entire episode. There's ALOT of drama and sometimes the acting is over the top. For some shows that can be a bad thing but here it's absolutly perfect. The last episode was a huge cliff hanger and I can't wait to find out what will happen. Unfortunatly there's been alot of talk about the show getting extremly low ratings (not sure why) and that it may not be back for a second season. Hopefully it does come back.
  • This show reminds me of an old favorite-

    "The Prisoner" which aired, I believe in thelate 1960's with Patrick McGoohan. Shades of 1984 & "Big Brother".

    I hope the writers take it to its full potential. As the"Prisoner" its a small town in England where all? the residents are on witness protection.

    Mark has shades of "Edward Scissorhands"- no?

    I like the psychological twists and turns. Nice to see a show where it's had to predict what's going to happen.

    -hmm- Coronation Street in your Nightmares??

    The character I like least is the Family's Mom- seems flat.
    The daughter looks a bit like Liv Tyler, she is showing a good acting range. The doctor is creepy, as he should be. As with the Prisoner- trust no one, .....
  • Give this show a chance, you wont be dissapointed.

    I was unsure when I read Showtime and Channel 4 were co-producing a show. I wondered how they would tackle it. But they did tackle it, and they tackled it well. This show gripped me from the first minute.

    A show which finally gives you enough information to keep you engrossed and keeps enough back to make you tune in for the next episode.

    The characters are wonderfully cast, our four main family members are a mix of some UK acting vets, David Morrissy as the tormented and devoted father Danny, and Lucy Cohu as the lonely feisty mother, Evelyn, and some new acting blood Harry Treadaway as the tortured angst ridden son Mark, and Felicity Jones as the hot headed daughter Zoe who has a knack for coming onto a murdering kidnapper.

    The rest of the cast are also casted perfectly, and interact with each other seemlessly. It's not often I find myself so taken in by TV show scenes that I find myself making faces and facially responding to different scenes. At one point my other half asked why I looked like I was chewing a wasp, and it was the scene with Jack Donnelly telling Zoe about the woman he kidnapped and who died.

    I did wonder if American viewers would have issues with some of the accents. Melanie Hill (who I loved in Bread) brought back her strong Scouse accent, and I thought accents like this would have been avoided. But I think keeping them in was a good move. It makes the "village" so much more believable, and I would have been pretty annoyed if they had all sounded like Dougray Scott's awful "English" accent in Desperate Housewives.

    All in all this is my favourite new show, and I hope it gets a second series. Please watch people and spread the word. UK viewers can catch up for free watching full episodes with Channel 4 on demand.
  • Not for Walmart-shopping suburbanites, this show has the classic "Blue Velvet" or Twin Peaks feel about breaking through the superficial veneer of society to see what really lies beneath. And sometimes that's not pretty.

    It's great to see that a show like this exists, they are so rare and far between. This show is not likely to have mass appeal, but for those who like a darker drama with a tiny pinch of the surreal have come to the right place. Similar experiences include Donnie Darko, Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet. An excellent way to spend an hour. Congratulations to Showtime, you've got me to renew after Tudors and Dextor ended.
  • Seriously, I don't get it. This show is extremely weird indeed - weird in a David Lynch way. The town of Meadowlands has some strange occupants, all of whom are in protective custody. An English drama which has premiered in the US before the UK.

    The show focuses upon the Brogan family, father Danny, mother Evelyn and their twin children Mark and Zoe. In the first episode we also meet their neighbours Brenda (Aveline from Bread) and Jezebel, handyman Jack, and GP Dr. York all of whom are hiding their own secrets and dealing with their own paranoia. Everyone living in the town of Meadowlands is doing so in protective custody, as the series progresses I expect to find out the backstory of the characters, and the reasons behind them being there.
    I know we're only one episode in, but so far I'm not intrigued by the mystery - every character you meet seems suspicious, after an hour of this I didn't care who was genuine and who wasn't.
    Hopefully the show will get better as we get more answers.
  • It's not going to appeal to the general public, it's not going to last two seasons, but it's sure is going to be fun!

    Meadowlands is one of those shows I started watching simply because the summer is generally a boring place in TV land. I didn't think it was going to suck, but I wasn't going to get my hopes up.

    I have a feeling we have a sophisticated beauty right here in front of us. The characters are excellently portrayed, even though I personally find the emo kid a tad obtrusive. Honestly, the first episode throws a lot of mystery into the cookie jar, and along with the vague (semi-nonexistant) character introductions this is going to be a compelling TV show. Too bad the nature of it is only going to get the true TV fans to keep watching. And no, you're not a TV fan if you watch every reality show out there.