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  • Give this show a chance, you wont be dissapointed.

    I was unsure when I read Showtime and Channel 4 were co-producing a show. I wondered how they would tackle it. But they did tackle it, and they tackled it well. This show gripped me from the first minute.

    A show which finally gives you enough information to keep you engrossed and keeps enough back to make you tune in for the next episode.

    The characters are wonderfully cast, our four main family members are a mix of some UK acting vets, David Morrissy as the tormented and devoted father Danny, and Lucy Cohu as the lonely feisty mother, Evelyn, and some new acting blood Harry Treadaway as the tortured angst ridden son Mark, and Felicity Jones as the hot headed daughter Zoe who has a knack for coming onto a murdering kidnapper.

    The rest of the cast are also casted perfectly, and interact with each other seemlessly. It's not often I find myself so taken in by TV show scenes that I find myself making faces and facially responding to different scenes. At one point my other half asked why I looked like I was chewing a wasp, and it was the scene with Jack Donnelly telling Zoe about the woman he kidnapped and who died.

    I did wonder if American viewers would have issues with some of the accents. Melanie Hill (who I loved in Bread) brought back her strong Scouse accent, and I thought accents like this would have been avoided. But I think keeping them in was a good move. It makes the "village" so much more believable, and I would have been pretty annoyed if they had all sounded like Dougray Scott's awful "English" accent in Desperate Housewives.

    All in all this is my favourite new show, and I hope it gets a second series. Please watch people and spread the word. UK viewers can catch up for free watching full episodes with Channel 4 on demand.
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