Season 3 Episode 14

A Night In The Medabot Junkyard

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 15, 2003 on FOX

Episode Recap

Metabots that get trapped in the Junkyard haven't been returning, but lately some strange howls have been coming out of the junkyard. This causes Ikki and Metabee to decide to investigate it.

Meanwhile Sloan and Totalizer have been getting into more and more arguements. It causes Sloan to tell Totalizer to leave the house and not return. Totalizer does so, and gets ambushed by some Medabots by the junkyard led by a Fossilkat.

Sloan begins feeling guilty about telling Totalizer to leave, so he deiceds to search for him, and when he finds out Ikki and Metabee are headed to the junkyard, he decides to follow them.

A bunch of Metabots that have ben abandoned in the junkyard ambush them. They are led by Fossilkat. This Fossilkat had been abandoned when her owner grew up, and now she was trying to keep all Medabots from suffering the same fate as her. Luckily Sloan got through to Totalizer, and Totalizer and Metabee helped defeat the junkyard medabots.

After the battle, Sloan and Ikki take Fossilkat and the other Medabots to Ms. Nae. She fixes all of them, and they all get new owners which will love them as long as they can.