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    [1]Nov 6, 2010
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    After a few year battle and my travels to japan I met some intresting people. I even met up with the creator of medabots. And from our little conversation I was told that the new season will come back but it will actually be a spin off /redo and will continue off where season 2 left off. The reason for such a long delay was that there was nobody to finance the project so was declared dead to the public. I am actually breaking a promise posting this The team at Bee train and Mr.Horumarin did not want me to spill any beans but since i was the only westrened fellow to actually speak about and interview him about a show nobody seems to care for in a while he spilled it. I mean after the tour of the studio I saw all the other projects they have been working on for the past 6 years. The only bummer is that if what this man is saying is true we wont see a American dubb version unless it really markets a lot in japan. My email is or you can facebook me as well

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    REALLY!!!!!! OMG

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