Season 3 Episode 27

How Spyke Got His Style Back

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Jan 18, 2004 on FOX

Episode Recap

Tak and his friends are playing baseball when the ball gets caught in a tree. They don't know how to get the ball out of the tree, so they get ready to go home when Spyke and Krosserdog walk up and decide to shoot the ball out of the tree. Unfortanently, Krosserdog's aim is way off, so the miss everything except one leaf. Then Kam's flunkies show up and decide to take on Krosserdog. Samantha shows up to make it a two on two battle, but Krooserdog gets taken out with one hit.

Just as Unitrix and Exor are about to destroy Peppercat, Ginkai shows up with Arc-Dash. They battle Kam's flunkies and take them out with one electro shot. Spyke decides to begin training until he can be as good as Ginkai is, so he goes to Ms. Nae's shop for some robattle training.

At Ms. Nae's shop, Ikki and Ginkai are both helping with the lesson. They have Arc-Dash and Metabee participate in a mock fight. Metabee jumps above Arc-Dash causing the sun to blind Arc-Dash and make his electro shot useless. Ms. Nae then stops the fight. She talks about how a good medafighter always uses the enviroment around them to the fullest.

Next Spyke decides to talk to Erika. She tells him that two things that make Ikki and Metabee successful are 1)The confidence they have in each other, and 2)the practice they do before matches. Of course, this makes Spyke and Krosserdog start doing more things together, and practicing harder.

Finally, Spyke talks to Zuru who reveals that Ikki's one big weakness is overconfidence. It is good to be confident in one another, but overconfidece can lead to losses in matches. With his new knowledege, Spyke decides to challenge Kam's lackies to a two on one battle. He plans to get them stck in the sand while Krosserdog blasts them away.

The morning of the match arrives, but snow has covered the field. Luckily Krosserdog boosts Spyke's confidence. They call Sloan and borrow Totalizer's feet (because they can hover). This appears to work at first, because both Unitrix and Exor do indeed get slowed down by the snow. Realizing this, their fighters have them change to Action mode. In Action Mode Unitrix and Exor are able to push the snow off to the sides and get Krosserdog trapped inbetween them. Samantha vows that if Spyke loses the match, he's off the team.

Luckily, Spyke had thought of this possibility in advance. He has Krosserdog focus on one specific spot on Unitirx's armour. He manages to penetrate the armour, and Unitrix has a function cease. Exor steps up though and takes out Krosserdog with one hit dur to the damage from the earlier two on one trap.

Spyke gets disappointed because he lost the match, but the entire gang gathers around him to congratulate him on increased confidence and skills. Samantha decides to keep him on with the Screws, and the episode ends until next time.