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  • The show

    Metabots is a show where people use robots to fight other robots controlled by people. It like Pokmon but without animal cruelty. The first two seasons were great. Have Henry be the man behind the mask but everyone else not knowing was one of the greatest moments. I wished there was a episode where everyone finds out it was Henry behind the mask. Anyway... SEASON 3. It sucks balls. WTF happen. Kiki and his reporter girls OG voice actors are replaced. I cant believe that Henry, Karen (the voice actor is in season 3 but a different character) Koji, the Rubber Robo Gang, the Principal, Coach Mountain and (the funny character) are all gone... so sad. Anyway the show suck because now there is a new type of metabots where they the kelobots are just robots who takes orders from Kids. Kiki and his girl characters are not the same without the OG voice actors. Karen was a blast to be with because she is a rich, privilege clueless girl. I wish or any referee would referee a robattle... oh wait, they don't call it a robattle and if they do then they don't follow da rulez. Out of the characters they could have removed, The Screws are the ones who I wouldn't miss. Finally the episodes were pointless and I should just stop watching the show and I'm only 5 or 6 episodes in season 3. I recommend to watch the 1 and season 2 and burn the rest because it's trash.
  • This was absolute cr*p!

    The whole plot of this show is really absurd. For instance, how come robots can fight each other with missiles and machine guns but they can't defend themselves from abduction by a gang of latex suited idiots? How can fully sentient robots with minds of their own agree to obey their users every command?

    And why is Medabee the only robot we see ALL THE TIME, why does all the rest only call their robot when it's time for a robattle....

    And how can there be an ancient wall painting of medabee in those ruins, when we see Ikki buy the skeleton and the armor in the pilot AFTER he found the rare medal?

    The style of the cartoon is just aweful and seeing the stats and specialty moves of each medabot before each "robattle" is stupid.

    It's a horribly drawed cartoon, filled with plotholes, no character development, all the episodes i watched looked exactly the same and the fights which are the main attraction of the show are predictable, dull and silly.
  • Medabots, story of small robots who kick butt.

    Well, this was a fairly good anime, i remember watching it every week as a kid.
    The dub of this show was actually quite good, the original is better of course, but still, there wasn't that much of a difference,
    The characters are great, they all provide good action scenes, most have some developing during the show, the dialog is great and atleast once, every character has shown a funny bit.
    The action scenes of the robots are pretty good, altough sometimes they don't even make sense, still, toy robots that fight for kids, how can it go wrong?
    Anyway, i highly recommend this, altough it would be best to only watch until season 2, the third one, despite having a good storyline and plot, gets rid of many characters and the ones that stay, act differently than in previous seasons.
  • Wish I had one when i was in 6th grade.

    What a great show. It kicks pokemons butt, beyblade's butt and other shows i watched when I was in grade school. Season 1 and 2 were the best, the third one was weird, because a lot of characters were gone (karen and koji) and the whole medabots concept was changed with new upgrades and stuff. Keep the retro!!! It's what i liked. Plain old metalbee, was the best. I wish I had him as a friend. The new one in S. 3 was too much. I think it killed the character.

    Anywho... THe lines were very funny and one of the best episodes was ninja world.

    Metalbee catch lines are classic.

    "i'm going sleepy now, nighty night" *system shut down*
  • I saw this show a couple of times several years ago...

    This show used to air like, 6 years ago, and I only saw parts of a few episodes. From what I saw, the show looked somewhat ineteresting, and sort of funny too. I wasn't quite interested enough to find out the show's schedule and watch it everyday, but thinking back, I wouldn't mind seeing a few more episodes. Now that I think of it, I'm not even sure if it was taken off the air where I live... I wouldn't doubt if it aired early on Saturday mornings or something... There was just something about those small bits and pieces I did see that entertained me. I might consider watching more of this show some time, but maybe not...
  • A very good show, got a little off of its hinges in third season, but very fierce competitor against other anime.

    This show had many elements in it. First of all, the characters. There were many mysterious ones, ones who hide their faces, and the dumb ones. Of course, as in all anime, the main character seems to be flunking school. But this show stood out against all of them. Second, the plot was very good. The medals were connected to some ancient past medabots. Bringing this later in the series made the show have alo more suspense, especially in the tournament. Third, everything came as a surprise. It wasn't just like oh, i owned you!. Ikki was in many tight spots and got out of them by even hurting himself. That leads me into my fourth reason. In many kids shows, the main character always comes out unscratched. Many times in Medabots, Ikki and Metabee literally get killed. Overall, I rate this show good, but I do not want to talk about season 3.
  • One of my childhood favroites.

    Medabots is one of my childhood favorites.The show was pretty interesting i thought.After the first few seasons or so,when Medabee was some car thing,and some kid named Kam made fake medabots or something,i pretty well hated the show when that happened.If it was up to me it should of ended before it came to that junky season of two.Anywho before it went down hill in my opinion,the show was pretty darn funny and it was fun to watch.Then i saw a Medabots DVD that had the first 4 episodes, i had to buy it.Its a real classic for me,Great show.
  • Its a good show.

    Medabots is a show about kids battling using robots. In this TV show the main character is a boy named Ikki and his Medabot named Medabee. At first these two didn't really get along too well but later on they do start getting along but they still did argue. In Medabots they have to save the world (sort of) from bad people with bad Medabots. Some of the characters in this show are Ikki, Medabee, Erika and Brass. There is also Karen, Koji, Neutranurse, Samilidon, Rokusho, Samantha, Henry (Space Medafighter X and Phantom Renegade), Ikki's mom and dad and a bunch of other people too. There is also the Rubber Robos who are (in my opinion) a bunch of idiots. Okay. At first, this show wasn't that bad but after the first season it went downhill. The next season was boring. I preferred the first season. In other words-it was a great show at first but not anymore.
  • A Car???

    When medabots first premiered it was one of my favorite shows It was hard to believe that it took part so long in the future. But a bunch of kids buy robots that fight each other and take a part when you defeat them that's cool. the first couple of seasons were cool with a of the rare medals and that phantom guy. But in the last season things changed how come there is a different person playing ikky? where did the phantom guy go? and the thing that really bugged me was the fact they made it so medabee could transform into a car now that sucked. i lost interest after that. if they ever had the first couple of seasons on dvd i might buy them. Good show exept for last season. Later...
  • Where did it all go wrong

    medabots was a great show a real piece of art but where did it go wrong most people would say the third season youre asking now wat went wrong right well first of all where the hell are all those good characters like koji karin phantom renegade space medafighter x rubberrobo gang that kid with the medabee lookalike and where did rokusho,henry go? wats with that mystery medafighter who,s medabot is rox who sooo looks like rokusho the only caracter of the previous season i saw is docter aki thats where it went wrong dont get me wrong medabots third season was not that bad but if only the old caracters like koji karin and space medafighter x (aka phantom renegade) where in the third season then it could have been sooo much longer maybe til season11 i mean it had soo much potential i hate it when good shows go downhil but it doesn,t matter now the show was aired in 2001 and now its 2006 yeah and your thinking right now wat the hell your wining about somthing that was aired in 2001! its because its now summer and im seeing the episodes of season3 now i miss at little i just want to say medabots rockt
  • Hey, a good show from Fox Kids. It\'s about time they had a good show. Digimon and Power Rangers were carrying the whole channel.

    Ikky was cool. Metabee was funny. The Phantom Renegade was very mysterious...

    Anyhow, the action on this show was influental and inspiring. Even more so, the comedy really kept in on for more than the producers anticipated. The Championship season was like the Pokemon League, and the mad, bad Dr. MedaEvil was a joke upon himself. Bring it back, as it would alter Jetix.
  • a true legend

    medabots i know this is a old show but it was and is still one of the best shows ever (well it beats pokemon) but i loved this show medabee dumbness and when the meda battled. but what i loved is that it went for 3 years 3 great years
  • medabots

    medabots is a cartoon about a boy called icky who wants a medabot. medabots is based in the 24th century. a medabot is a robot which cost allot of money. as icky is running acros a low bridge he finds a rare chip. a chip is like a battery or the brain and personality of a medabot. icky goes and buys the cheapest medabot he can find. going into a battle medabee(its name) does not work properly (see episode 1 for more info)and soon goes active to kick some robot but!
  • A classic from Fox Kids.

    Medabots never really had anything special to it and yet I some how fell in love.

    The art was mediocre, the idea was over used, and the plot stayed pretty much the same the entire series but that didn’t stop me.

    I believe Medabots charm was in its simplicity…and of course…it’s hilarity. The jokes never seemed to tire episode after episode. (And were they funny!)

    There was action every episode. Who in their right mind couldn’t agree with that? They did get stale after awhile but it was fun to watch what trouble the characters would get into trying to get themselves out of it.

    Though Medabots is gone, it shouldn’t be forgotten.
  • A truely bad show.

    The program is about a boy who has a robot that fights in battles for some reason. It truely is a bad show that blew up before it even launched. The writing is terrible which makes the show sink right away since the writing is the most important part of any show. And if the writing isn't bad enough, the animation is even worse. The drawings look like a six year old child did that in his basement fifty years ago. I mean my younger brother is better than that. I don't recommend this to anyone who has a decent taste for television shows.
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