Season 3 Episode 36

Transfusion Confusion

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Feb 29, 2004 on FOX

Episode Recap

It starts with Ginkai and Arc-Dash running/looking (for

Kam). They are Ro-Battling Kam and Blakbeetle. Soon, all

seems lost, but Ginkai spots some powdered sugar and gets

Arc-Dash to hit it and Blakbeetle cannot see a thing,

which leads to Ginkai and Arc-Dash's victory.

Kam is upset about losing, and says that he has no more use

for her. Eddie and Blakbeetle convince him to keep her.

Ikki and Metabee are at school, where Tak and his friends

are practising, Ikki decides to teach the little kids some

tricks. Just then, Blakbeetle shows up, and Kam is't very

far behind.

The two KBT types engage into battle, and Kam says that his

faith in Blakbeetle has been restored. Of course, this

doesn't last long as Metabee finishes her off. Kam is fed

up, and goes home.

Eddie says that Kam put the emotion chip in Blakbeetle's

medal so that she could be Kam's friend. Kam thinks this

is not true, 'A kilobot, my friend?'

Eddie takes Blakbeetle's body and medal to the scrap heap,

but secretly places a time activated medal inside her

(it's just her medal, but i guess he set it to only turn

on in a matter of time).

Blakbeetle lies on the conveor belt, images of Kam and

Metabee defeating her running throughout the kilobot's mind.

Just as she is about to be chopped in half by a laser blade

(amazing technology), she wakes up, and escapes with a very

bad wound on her chest. She is hurt badly, but is still

funtioning. So she escapes the junk heap, to find Eddie, but

she refuses to take his advise, in to hiding with Metabee.

As she is explaining to Eddie, she crouches in pain, as

sparks come out of her chest. Eddie thinks that she should

get her injuries looked at first. Blakbeetle simply staggers away.

Meanwhile, at Miss Nae's work shope, Metabee is being

repaired. But his chest is also badly damaged. The part

must be replaced, or the screw around the thing that holds

his medal in place will fall out.

Just then, Blakbeetle shows up at the workshop. She barely

has the strength, but is muttering, about destroying Metabee. They all run up to her, as she collapses, but Metabee catches her.

Miss Nae takes a look at Blakbeetle's wound, and says her

chest needs urgent repairs, straight away! But, Ikki and

Metabee don't want to help her. Miss Nae says, that how

would they feel if they were in Blakbeetle's condition.

They look over and see Blakbeetle crying in pain on the

opertaion tale. Sadly, Miss Nae says that they'll need top

use the part meant for Metabee. Metabee agrees, and soon,

Blakbeetle is out of danger, though is still not fit to


Later on, Metabee explains that Blakbeetle has feelings,

on her gut (her said that), what Metabee calls this weird

feeling in your gut. Miss Nae tries to help, but

Blakbeetle thinks that they are trying to brainwash her,

to turn her against Kam.

She says that Kilobots do not have feelings, they were

built for survival. She jumps onto Metabee and starts

pounding his chest. Ikki and Metabee try to stop her, but

she does not. Metabee's chest starts to let out steam.

Miss Nae says that neither of their chest parts can take

the pressure. Blakbeetle is only thinking that she must

survive. Ikki tells her that Metabee gave up his chest part

so that she could survive. She stops, Metabee is hurt, but

ok. Without another word, Blakbeetle leaves.

She soon runs into Kam, who decided to take her back, she

says 'what is this?' Kam is confused. Then Blakbettle

holds her chest and says ' I have this strangest. _Gut_

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