Season 3 Episode 35

Winner Take All (2) [a.k.a. Medabots Are Friends]

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Feb 28, 2004 on FOX

Episode Recap

There is a recap of the previous episode where Zuru reveals

to everyone that he is the Mystery Medafighter. Nae is

deeply concerned about Zuru, Zuru challenges Kam but he

just laughs and refuses the challenge. Kam says that he has

won as he has forced the Mystery Medafighter to reveal his

true identity to everyone. Zuru walks off and Ikki and

Metabee try to talk to him but Roks tries to fight Metabee

and he tells them to leave Zuru alone. Ikki yells a few

remarks after him. Dr. Maizu visits Nae, he says he

remembers her when she was young and that she was Zuru's

friend. Miss Nae has lunch with Dr. Maizu and he tells her

to deliver a message to Dr. Aki- that he was wrong about

Kilobots- he justifies their creation. They watch as some

kids with two Kilobots brutally attack a Medabot and

trample him, then leave. Nae questions Dr. Maizu's emphasis

on winning, she tells him to remember what he told Zuru but

he claims he has forgotten and walks off, Nae tells him he

does secretly remember.

Dr. Maizu is talking to Kam at Extreme Tech, he is designing

a new Kilobot so powerful that even one shot will do 50%

damage. The name is Gryphon- there is a limitation placed

on it as it is too powerful and could literally destroy

opponents, they test it out and it knocks out Redrun in two

shots. Kam wants to play with it. Ikki and Erika talk to

Nae about Zuru- Erika says that Ikki cares about him and

Ikki talks about girl logic and he goes to the cape store

(a joke from Metabee) with Erika. Nae gets up and walks

upstairs- Zuru had been hiding there all along. Zuru

recieves an email from Kam, it is a challenge to him. Nae

talks about her meeting with his father and Zuru says that

he will drop the Mystery Medafighter disguise and go as

himself. Dr. Maizu deals with the many complaints about

Gryphon- he recalls his meeting with Nae and he cannot

remember what he said and justifies his actions to himself.

Nae emails Dr. Maizu and asks to meet him so they can talk

about Zuru is walking along when Ikki and Ginkai come up,

Ginkai questions Zuru and he asks to be left alone and

walks off. Ikki and Ginkai decide to follow him and Kam

talks to Zuru and transports Gryphon (speciality: ultimate

fighting). Nae, Ikki, Metabee, and Ginkai come up and

Nae recognizes the design. Zuru transports Roks and

Tyrrelbeetle- Kam tells Eddie to flip a coin and when it

lands- the battle would start. Eddie flips, the coin lands

and the battle starts. Dr. Maizu thinks about what happened

and he comes up to see Zuru fighting. Roks is hit by

Gryphon and sustains 50% damage to all parts. Roks and

Tyrrelbeetle both go into action mode. Gryphon goes into

demolition mode and targets Tyrrelbeetle- and launches his

weapon- hitting Tyrrelbeetle. Nae talks to Dr. Maizu and she

tells him about how Zuru hates Kilobots for what they have

done to his father.

Kam fires at Tyrrelbeetle and knocks his medal out. Zuru

cannot believe what is happening, Roks goes back to normal

mode. Zuru gives up and says that he cannot stand to see

Roks losing, Roks says that he disagrees and convinces Zuru

to let him fight. Dr. Maizu remembers what he told Zuru and

Kam starts the limited release, mutating the weapons. Kam

tells him that it is an ultimate test, Dr. Maizu says that

Kam is mad but Kam reminds him that he created Gryphon.

Maizu tells Zuru about Gryphon's weakness- that he must

first power up to fire, he goes into action mode and hits

Gryphon so he misfires. Gryphon overloads because of all

the power and his medal is knocked out- Dr. Maizu admits he

was wrong and refuses to work on Gryphon- Kam just laughs

and walks off. He and Zuru have a tearful reunion and Erika

is in tears as well, she takes a photo of the

reconciliation between father and son.