Medical Center

CBS (ended 1976)


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  • Best Medical Drama Soap

    One of the great medical-drama soap I've ever seen would probably be Medical Center. Every episode of this show had its own emotional medical story. I would like to commend the scriptwriters of this show in doing this, it's pretty excellent! Chad Everett really put justification in his role asJoe Gannon he's simply the best! There's always an excitement in every episode and showing all the problems inside the hospital, the sad story of the patients and the heroic scenes of the doctors on helping them to cure their disease. This show is pretty realistic. I missed this show that why I decided to place a DVD order of it at memorylanedvd. com. The quality of the DVDs I received are fine and I enjoyed watching this show during weekends. It's really nice to recall every episodes of this show. Medical Center has been a part of my life and forever will be in my heart.
  • Medical Center was my favorite show when I was growing up. A great medical show.

    I absolutely loved this show!! Dr. Joe Gannon was my man! I had the biggest crush on Chad Everett. I also had to beg to stay up past my bedtime to watch. This was a wonderful medical show back in the day. It was always very entertaining and had very exciting cases that easily kept your attention. I have tried to find it for years on DVD but haven't been able too. If anyone knows where it can be found I would love to know. I would love for them to show reruns and I check on that all the time.
  • Wonderful,classic medical show that I thoroughly enjoyed, growing up. Dr. Joe Gannon, was a great, handesome doctor, who never had a dull moment.

    I had to beg my parents to let me stay up to watch the exciting medical show, Medical Center, with the handesome Dr. Joe Gannon:)The show came on Thursday nights at 9:00pm, right at bedtime. Those nights I usually got to stay up and watch the show since Mom and Dad liked it too. The story lines were great on Medical Center. Truly, never a dull moment. This medical show kept your attention and sometimes kept me on the edge of my seat! Even as a child, Medical Center, kept my attention, working several exciting, medical cases at once. I wish that someone would rerun Medical Center, hint, hint:)
  • This classic 20th century medical drama deserves a spot on 21st century television.

    Medical Center first aired when I was a 12-year-old in the 7th grade and ended between high school graduation and first year of college. The show was a weekly staple in our home. I had a huge crush on Chad Everett. I can recall tearing magazine photos of him from the teen magazines (because the editors of those mags knew I wasn't the only young girl out there with such a crush) and tacking them onto my wall next to pictures of Elvis, David Cassidy and the Monkees. The good Dr. Gannon can treat me anytime. Good memories. Great show.
  • Another series TV land should pick up

    Medical Center! I have not seem an episode in at least 25 years and I can still remember the opening like I saw it 10 minutes ago.
    Medical Center was one of those series I enjoyed in Syndication during summer breaks. My parents always thought I was strange to want to watch a show like this over other series such as 'All in the Family' or 'Ome Day at a Time'.
    Medical Center was te typical 70's medical show. The stories were simple and perdictable and you knew that Dr. Gannon would save the day. You could relate to the characters and to the story itself and could easily find yourelf wrapped up in it and thinking it was a member of your family in that bed.
    This is one of many series that TV Land should be brining back as it was true classic TV.