Medical Detectives

TLC Premiered Jan 01, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Medical Detectives is a highly informative and extremely interesting program...

    Extremely interesting and informative. Peter Thomas narration is simply superb. His voice is emphatic, clear and irresistably magnetic. Have never liked any one else's narration as much as his. He breathes life into the show. The composition, enactment, direction and overall screenplay, and the concern for minute details makes the progrm so very great. Medical detectives has always been my most favourite program... I truly appreciate the efforts of all those involved in the making of this series, especially that of Peter Thomas for his exceptionally wonderful narration. I have learnt a lot of novel and subtle medical and forensic procedures through this program. Too good...
  • A really interesting show

    This sadly underrated documentary series glues me to the screen every time I catch it on TV. I love the way they introduce the cases and the way they show us the process of piecing together the big picture.
    They explain what forensic tools they use and how, police officers talk about the effect these cases had on them. In the show's 30 minutes we can see how law enforcment officers crack a real criminal case (on which they worked for long years, sometimes decades.) If you like REAL crime solving this is a must-see for you!
  • Hardheaded idiots that only like crappy reality and drama shows gave this excellent show a bad review

    People are becoming more stupid every day. I see a lot of crappy reality shows in the discovery channel this days it really pisses me off. What happened to the good documentaries and interesting programs on the Discovery channel? I used to watch this program in Panama and I loved it. I still do and wish it had a better review but I guess you can't change people's taste.
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