Medical Investigation

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 2004 on NBC
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When the guests at a Bahama resort start falling ill, the NIH team is called in by the local government. When a child falls ill with the same symptoms, the team finds the common link.

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  • onnor, McCabe, and Powell are summoned to a Caribbean resort to investigate people with a strange respiratory problem. Meanwhile, Durant and Rossi stays in Miami to investigate an illness of an old man.moreless

    This is the first episode where the teams split up with two different cases. I only followed Connor's case and not much on Durant's case. In a matter of fact, Durant's case is short and minor, they could have her and Rossi in the Caribbean instead.

    A Caribbean resort is probably one of the most popular spots for a vacation. Why not? Good weather, clear water, and hot girls. However, the show avoids turning to a North Shore or The OC type and focus sharply on work, nicely done. I was shock when I saw so many patients lying in that building. It's almost as if they are having war casualties in that room. As the respiratory problem is starting to get worse and with the disease starting to spread fast, the NIH team is summoned to investigate. As the disease starts to spread further, Connor makes a bold move to quarantine the entire island. It reminds me of the episode, Lockdown, from ER, when Dr. Carter presumably found a case of smallpox and is forced to quarantine the ER. However, I'm surprise when people starts to leave before Connor finds out what the cause is, the NIH didn't call in the national guard or something. He is afraid that the disease will spread back to the US mainland, why not call in the national guard?

    In this episode, we finally get more character development, especially from McCabe, the young rookie agent. The best moment is when he has to take the girl away from her mother to protect the girl from possibly getting the disease from her mother (children are vulnerable since their immune system has not yet adapted defense to many disease yet). The mother already lost her husband from the disease and it would be even harder if she is to loss her little girl right now. As I expected, McCabe does make a mistake by taking the blanket from the desperate mother and giving it to the girl. He lets his emotion get into him, and it almost cost the little girl's life. I predicted from the first episode that there will be good moments for McCabe and moments where he will make mistakes and learns. This is one of them. It turns out that the blanket has spores, which could be what is making these people sick. It turns out the girl's dad, who just died from the disease, smokes marijuana and some spores from the marijuana got into the blanket. But how does that affect everyone else?

    Connor is brilliant again, thinking of every possible solutions that got the people sick. He thinks it's a mist or something from nature that is making everyone sick, but comes up empty and back to "square one". He is upset when McCabe gave the blanket to the girl, knowing that the blanket may be infected from her parent in some way. Connor's brain and imagination makes him perfect for the job. He went into room where the little girl's parent is residing and finds a bag of marijuana in the air vent. It turns out the dad put it there so his wife and child won't find out about it. Since it's putted in the air vent, the spores from the marijuana travels through the air and into some people. I'm not an expert in marijuana, so I don't know what deadly spores are in there, but don't do marijuana or any drugs. It's only going to kill you someday. Also, be careful every time you go on vacation. Once you get sick, go to a doctor immediately. If it's a disease, you may risk infecting your friends and family.

    Final Rating: So out of my avstars's star chart, I give this episode 3 out of 4 stars. It's as good as the last episode, but not as good as the pilot. So far, MI hasn't been able to have the breakout episodes yet. But it's still early. We got some good character development today and hopefully we will see more.moreless

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