Medical Investigation

Season 1 Episode 17

Half Life (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2005 on NBC
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Half Life (2)
The NIH team teams up with the officers of the 55th Precinct in New York City to try to figure out what is the source of an outbreak of Marburg, a deadly disease with no known cure. They also try to locate patient zero, a murder suspect on the run, who is helping to spread the disease throughout New York City.moreless

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  • n a rare crossover with several casts of Third Watch, Dr. Stephen Connor and his team heads to NYC to uncover a multiplying virus before it spreads anymore.

    The Third Watch episode introduces the case that will eventually appear in this episode. The writers of Third Watch decide to use that case as a secondary plot so the NIH team doesn't overshadow the Third Watch cast. During Half Life, the episode then put its main focus on the disease case. And that was some suit Connor wore during the Third Watch episode.

    Watching the Third Watch episode makes me feel like watching my favorite team playing at a visitor's ballpark. Guess I'm just not into their cast. I never knew their characters, so it's like watching a whole new series. Nevertheless, I did follow their story without any difficulties because they told me everything I needed to know about the characters. The writers did a good job here.

    Dr. Miles McCabe also has a new hair style, something that seems to make him a little more mature. McCabe also have the luxury of dissecting a dead body in this episode. He was used strictly with patients only in the past, but he is beginning to have more role as the season progresses.

    Both episodes feature great chemistry between the two casts. We see how the NYPD and the NIH work differently, but all just trying to accomplish the same goal. Yogas says Connor will get ignored if he talks to the suspect alone, but Connor shows that he has the attitude to handle him. The NIH and the NYPD show great chemistry here. Hope we will be seeing more of these crossovers in the future.

    The MI episode also gives the MI audience, who may never have watched a Third Watch episode, a unique look at the Third Watch cast. I never watched a Third Watch episode, but I can get a great sense of what these characters are like. Yogas is a tough detective that always seem to get the job done, regardless of the difficulty. She also doesn't like people getting in her way of telling her what to do. I'm sure the same can be said about Third Watch viewers who never saw a MI episode before about the MI characters. The Third Watch casts play their role wonderfully, which is probably why they are still on the air.

    Final Rating: The 2 hour crossover was wonderfully done, although not as good as the some MI episodes. The story is not the one that shines here, but the cast performance of both series. They did a good job portraying their respective roles that they might grab some viewers from the other show to watch theirs. So out of my avstars star chart, I give this episode 3 out of 4 stars. The MI/Third Watch episode is on par with the ER/Third Watch episode that was done a couple of years ago. However, the ER one is more on the story, while the MI one is more on the acting.

    Thank you for reading my review. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to email me at
Anthony Ruivivar

Anthony Ruivivar

Carlos Nieto

Guest Star

Molly Price

Molly Price

Detective Faith Yokas

Guest Star

Yvonne Jung

Yvonne Jung

Holly Levine

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • GOOF: A patient's wife, who is in seclusion, talks to him by cell phone. Cell phones can't be used in hospitals. They have the same frequency as many machines, such as ones used for dialysis. It causes malfunctions.

    • When asked if Carlos has any relatives, Holly neglects to mention he has a long-lost brother and mother living in Hawaii. Possible explanation: Since Carlos doesn't like to share his family history, he could have asked Holly not to speak of it.

    • Holly also neglected to mention that Carlos has a daughter that he gave up for adoption, when she was asked if Carlos has any relatives. Possible explanation: As before, Carlos likely told Holly not to share information about his family, since he is uncomfortable discussing it.

  • QUOTES (30)

    • {in Banks' apartment}
      Connor: Who is this guy?
      Yokas: Dr. Dolittle.

    • Connor: I don't think you're gonna need your cuffs.
      Yokas: I don't think I have a dart gun big enough for that…We're gonna need Animal Control and the Bronx Zoo.

    • Yokas: Believe it or not, that was my first lion.

    • {about Banks}
      Yokas: He looks pretty respectable on paper.
      Connor: You run across a lot of respectable guys who keep wild animals and are friends with killers?
      Yokas: Like I said, on paper.

    • Connor: He might be carrying a vector born parasite.
      Yokas: Oh, now you're just showing off.

    • {to Connor and Yokas}
      Harry: Good cop, bad doc. Get your story straight. Am I gonna die or not?

    • Levine: My name is Holly Levine. I just came to check on Carlos.
      Rossi: Boyfriend?
      Levine: Sometimes.

    • Yokas: So we're not just searching for a murder suspect?
      Connor: No, we're all trying to stop a biological time bomb.

    • Powell: What about the dead woman's passport?
      Yokas: Yeah, I asked INS to run a check on that forthwith. That's cop talk for "I need it yesterday."
      Connor: Now who's showing off?

    • {to Harry}
      Carlos: Jackass, this isn't just about you.

    • {to Harry}
      Connor: Look, I'm not a cop…I'm talking to you as a doctor. What, are you protecting somebody? Who? The guy who left you behind? Is he worth thousands of lives? 'Cause that's what's at stake here.

    • {to Harry}
      Carlos: You're gonna rot in hell, you selfish son of a bitch.

    • Durant: Get this over to the FBI, have them do a metallurgic breakdown, see if we can ID the manufacturer. And Miles…tell them we need it "forthwith."

    • Powell: How many vials are missing?
      Lab Guy: Just one.
      Powell: "Just"?
      Lab Guy: Poor choice of words.

    • {to Harry}
      Carlos: My luck, I'll die, you'll walk out of here.

    • Carlos: Why'd you do it?
      Harry: Rob that store?
      Carlos: Desert.
      Harry: What do you care?
      Carlos: I was a medic in the Marines. Deserting your unit was as low as it got.

    • Harry: I was in Iraq for 18 months. Survived it somehow. I figured if I went back for a second tour my luck would run out.
      Carlos: Guess you should've gone after all.
      Harry: Looks like.

    • Connor: How's the shooter related to you, Harry?
      Harry: He's my brother. My own damn brother.

    • Harry: Look, I never would've gone if I knew somebody was gonna die. Banks said that no one was gonna get hurt.
      Carlos: Somebody always gets hurt, man.

    • {about Harry}
      Carlos: Let me sit with him. He's gonna die with people wearing rubber gloves.

    • Levine: Carlos is gonna hate the idea of cremation.
      Rossi: Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Holly.
      Levine: But he's got the rash. The disease is progressing…and nobody else has beaten it.

    • Connor: Once we targeted South Africa, Biocape just jumped up. They're under investigation for irregularities.
      Yokas: Yeah, that's white collar speak for "felony."

    • Levine: Dr. McCabe, Carlos has been alone in this world his whole life. Okay? I don't want him to be alone now.

    • Carlos: They let you in? I'm dying, right? That's why you're here? They said I'm over?
      Levine: No, you dope. I wanted to be with you.

    • Connor: Anything in his apartment with a boat-sounding name on it?
      Yokas: Yeah, you mean like a matchbook cover with a clue on it?

    • Connor: There's no keys listed here. Everyone has keys.
      Yokas: We went through everything.
      Connor: What about the pockets of his clothing.
      Yokas: Everything. Every item.
      Connor: I can think of one item you probably missed. The clothes Banks was wearing when he died.
      Yokas: The lion ate his keys.
      Connor: Well, he wasn't gonna undress him first.

    • ESU Cop: This is gonna be one weird takedown.

    • Connor: Carlos is doing better.
      Yokas: Yeah, I figured he must be doing better. Nobody in there is wearing gloves.

    • Connor: He's lucky. Holly too.
      Yokas: Must be from living right.
      Connor: Well, it could be the crystals Holly brought.

    • Yokas: How do you do it, Dr. Connor, day in, day out?
      Connor: This, coming from a homicide detective?
      Yokas: Yeah, but my guys are dead. The suffering's over. I mean, why not be a GP? It's gotta be a lot less stress.
      Connor: Why aren't you working traffic?

  • NOTES (3)


    • When trying to seize the virus container, Connor mentions that Marburg virus is the Maltese Falcon on the virus research world. "The Maltese Falcon" is a 1941 movie involving a precious figurine that is being hunted by different parties.