Medical Investigation

Season 1 Episode 2

In Bloom

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 10, 2004 on NBC
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In Bloom
A group of four teenage girls are suspected of having an STD when they are hospitalized for seizures. However, when that's not the case, the NIH team must uncover the true cause of the seizures, and a pair of pants holds a clue.

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  • Four best friends fall ill and the team has to investigate what the commonality is and cure them. Just when they've pinpointed a suspect, 11 more people fall ill in a different county, 11 what's the commonality now?moreless

    Wow...this is a very weak copy of House, with excerpts from Criminal Minds thrown in for good measure. Christopher Gorham should get a medal for over-acting, it was cringeworthy at times, and Anna Belknap is way better in CSI: NY. To be honest, I can see why this show was taken off the air, I've only watched one episode and I think it's gonna stay that way. It's all very confusing, because of the 11 strangers who fell ill only two were wearing the jeans that started it all, so what about the other nine? It was never explained.moreless
  • Keeping up the great work

    This episode once again opens our eyes to just how easily we can come into contact with contaminated products. The idea that the clothes that we buy are already toxic is frightening. This emphasises how important it is to wash the clothes that we have just bought.

    The amount of poison that soaked through the box is horrifying if you take how it was taken in through the skin and when the boxes were left in the dumpster they were still able to kill rats and roaches.

    It was also interesting to realize just how little parents of teenagers know about their children and how blind they are to the realities of the world that we live in.

    What I cannot understand is the fact that the parents were not willing to consent to the biopsy. If I were the parent of a child that had an unusual disease I would have done anything to get clarity on what is wrong with her.

    The whole issue of the parasite brings to light the obsession that young woman and older woman have with wanting to be thin. I know that in the past there have been cases of diet pills being sold that cause intestinal parasites and that there were fatalities as a result of these pills. The thing that gives me chills is the fact that it is quite possible that similar pills may currently be available on the internet for anyone that wants to lose weight quickly.

    It is disturbing that to be accepted a young woman must fit a specific profile. She must be x thin and x pretty and the list goes on. If she doesn’t fit the profile she is an out cast and a freak. The fact that Ruby hesitates before taking the drug to get rid of the parasite just emphasises the pressure on young women to be thin. Given the choice of having the parasite and being thin and getting rid of it and gaining weight Ruby would probably chosen the parasite despite her initial reaction to it. This demonstrates just how far people are prepared to go to be accepted. Ruby talks about her weight loss as if it is a badge of honour and the highest achievement.

    It is almost impossible to imagine Eva being the school out cast and one cant help feeling sorry for Charlotte as many of us have been in her shoes at some time in our lives.

    It seems as if Connors separation is weighing heavily on him. In his line of work it is obvious that he appreciates how important family is seeing how quickly things can change. It is also understandable that with Connors line of work his marriage could not last seeing that his work would always have to come first and when he gets that call he has to go.

Cheryl White

Cheryl White

Sylvia Townsend

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Katija Pevec

Katija Pevec

Ruby Willens

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Erica Mer

Erica Mer

Charlotte Raymond

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