Medical Investigation

Season 1 Episode 19

Mission La Roca (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2005 on NBC

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  • An outbreak occurs in Mexico and the NIH sent several teams there to help with the relieve effort and to find the source of this disease.

    And so, part one of the season finale begins. Mission La Roca Part I is pretty different from all the other episodes of MI we\'ve seen this season. The setting of a small town in Mexico seems interesting, yet challenging for the NIH teams. Part I also focuses more on the relief effort and rescue mission instead of figuring out what the outbreak is. Guess they will have those stuff in the second episode. Since the season finale is entitled, Mission La Roca, that church must be involved with the virus.

    The episode also brings back the conflict Stephen Connor has been fighting all season, his inability to balance his job and family life. Season long MI watcher knows Connor is already divorced due to this incident. Connor plans to quit if it wasn\'t for Frank who told him that they lost all contact with the team in Mexico. Connor blames himself for sending there in the first place. I would not be surprise if the writers actually make him leave when Mission La Roca is over. That would be a pretty good cliffhanger. Seriously, if I\'m in Connor\'s position, I would simply leave.

    I can remember an episode where almost the entire team had a special role in a case. Dr. Durant helms the hospital when patients are flooding in. She may be forced to do a C-Section in the next episode, something she hasn\'t done in years. Should prove pretty challenging for her. Eva is involve with finding a little boy\'s parent after the boy got separated from them. I never knew she can be this sweet, especially after what we\'ve seen about her attitude from the first episode. Miles finally had his biggest role since the pilot, being trapped inside a church with a sick teenager. Note that he is still a rookie, but has pretty good medical skills. This also proves to be quite challenging for him. And of course, Connor has the biggest role as always. First he has to go through the shuffle to find Natalie and then being taken hostage along with Frank by some insurrectionist while finding Miles. Hey, it\'s all a team.

    Dr. Kate Ewing returns from the last episode, expect her to be a recurring character in future episodes. Her appearance may prove to be a conflict to Connor, like the last time we\'ve seen her, but we know Stephen is going to go with his gut instead of taking orders from her.

    Anyone had any trouble going through the Spanish? Luckily, I took several Spanish courses during my early high school years and the Spanish used in the episode were pretty basic. Plus, they pretty much explain the English translation after the Spanish part. The other Spanish praises can pretty much be figured out due to the context clues. The team\'s Spanish seems to be pretty good from what I\'ve heard.

    Final Rating: So for the first leg of the season finale, I give Mission La Roca Part I, 3 out of 4 stars. It\'s a great beginning to a season finale and hopefully Part II is as good too. The performance were good as usual and the plot is exciting and interesting. Can\'t wait for Part II this Friday. If any NBC personal is reading, it\'s time to renew Medical Investigation and give it a second chance.

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  • this episode present a good case when a catastrophe happen.

    the episode shows what happen in a catastrophe, the perfomances was good like always. the only one i don't agree is the way is presented mexico in episode.

    i live in mexico and we have hospitals with international recognize, we got a good medicine school. in the show we are present like non - educated country and that's not true.And i reconigze we have a corruption in our government but the way who present is very extreme and false.

    we have cities and towns but not like that. i hope in the future the things change for good. at least present the reality.