Medical Investigation

Season 1 Episode 20

Mission La Roca (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2005 on NBC
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Mission La Roca (2)
The team figures out that they are dealing with bacterial meningitis, and the only thing that makes their day worse is a corrupt politician who steals the medicine and holds them to ransom. Elsewhere, the people at Mission La Roca (Miles, Connor, Powell, Nestor, Juan, Kris, and Baracas) make it out before the church collapses, and take the sick ones off to the hospital for treatment.moreless

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  • The epitome to an incredibly inaccurate and biased series.

    Good God!, do you really see México that way?. México is not a backwater country, as depicted here, nor is it a country where american M.D.'s go to "work miracles". México has an excellent medical system and community. Many american doctors are trained in México and many of them hold some of the highest positions in hospitals around the U.S.; some mexican surgeons are consulted by american surgeons for difficult procedures. And no american doctors run a mexican hospital as if it were his/her own.

    But then again, some people in the U.S. still think they have the best in everything, even though that is not always so, and not everything south of the border is poor or dumb (do you really think that the illegal aliens in the U.S. from México are the standard of the population of a country of 100 million people?).moreless
  • As Dr. Natalie Durant continues to try to find what kind of disease they are dealing with, Dr. Stephen Connor is at church Mission La Roca trying to rescue Dr. Miles McCabe and his patients before the church collapses.moreless

    Is there a better way to end the season then Part II of Mission La Roca? Part II is on par with Part I with its exciting plot line and of course, the always brilliant acting. NBC should've made both part as one episode to continue the pacing.

    Although everyone had a big role in Part I and II, it is Eva Rossi who stands out. Her relationship with the little boy reflects clearly on her past, when she was adopted. She was in a similar situation as the little boy when she was adopted once. She wants him to have a happy life, instead of that crowded refugee camp. If you are to compare Eva's character in the final episode with the first episode, you will never know these two are the same person. Eva was so smart-nasty in the pilot episode, yet so sweet and emotional in the season finale. Anna Belknap did a good job playing Eva in the first season.

    The rest of the story continues the flow from episode I. The rescuing of Miles and his patients were not as nail biting as I hope it would be, but it was still good. Miles McCabe takes a back seat in Part II after his good role from Part I. Hopefully they will use more of Miles next season.

    Connor remains to be the tough leader that always finds a way to get the job done. From cracking the wall to rescue Miles, to steeling the vaccines back, it's all in his character. He and Frank are starting to be good partners and expect writers to use those two together frequently like season one.

    Prehaps Connor finally can balance his personal and work life. He decides to take some time off and be with his son instead. The writers can have Connor take a 5 month break and be back in time for September when the second season starts. Connor needs that break.

    The rest of the episode was all good stuff. Susanna Thompson was great again as Dr. Ewing. She has the attitude and hopefully we will see more of her next season. The plot was interesting and different from all MI episodes we've seen before. The ending makes you realize that even if the show doesn't get renewed for the second season, the NIH is always working to cure patients in the real world.

    Final Rating: For the last time ever, I give Mission La Roca Part II 3 and a half stars out of four. Yes, this is the final review I will write in a while, whether MI returns or not. I plan to spend more on school work as I enter college next season, so I won't have time to write reviews. Yes, all good things must come to an end. Mission La Roca is emotional and exciting, the near-perfect season finale any MI viewers can hope for. I can only wish NBC will give this show a second season because this show does have a lot of potential. The acting was great, just like the acting during the entire season. They couldn't have cast better actors playing these roles. I've seen 19 out of 20 episodes and Medical Investigation is truly brilliant compare to many other shows on TV. Viewers get to learn a lot about diseases by watching just one episode. Stuff like Sexual Transmitted Disease and HIV is very big in today's world, and by having it on a TV show can benefit a lot of people. Although I will not be able to write any more episode reviewers for MI, I do hope to continue seeing it on TV.

    This is it everyone, I'm signing on for the last time. I may return some day, but who knows. I do hope someone will be able to take over the job if there is a second season. Thank you all to everyone who read my reviews. It has been a pleasure writing them.

    Thank you for reading my review (and special thanks to everyone who has been reading all season long). If you have any questions/comments, feel free to email me at I will be glad to hear from you.moreless
  • Disappointing ending...

    After the first part of the series final I was waiting on the edge of my seat for the second part. How disappointing it was!

    I found that while the episode started off okay, it quickly descended into cliches and predictable outcomes.

    What was predictable? First how easy was it for them to find out where Miles was and convinve the insurgants to help him so easy - real life or just wishful thinking. Let's face it, as sick as Miles was, in real life would he really have survived?

    The writers obviously knew this would be the final, they could have done a much better job of finishing the series on a high note instead of being typical.moreless
Jesse Borrego

Jesse Borrego

Antonio Baracas

Guest Star

Susanna Thompson

Susanna Thompson

Dr. Kate Ewing

Guest Star

Claudia Besso

Claudia Besso

Kris Von Getz

Guest Star

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    • In the opening moments as the news reports reveal the extent of the earth quake, footage from the 1998 Thedbo landslide in New South Wales, Australia is used. The footage is news coverage of the rescue of Stuart Diver, who was trapped under the rubble from the landslide for over 10 hours in freezing conditions wearing only his boxers. The rescue was a truly amazing event and the footage of his retrieval up the mountain is highly worthy of international television usage.