Medical Investigation

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 01, 2004 on NBC
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After years of watching young children fall prey to a crippling muscular ailment, a small community summons the NIH team to hopefully find a cure. At first, Connor suspects a local chemical plant as being the cause of this devastating illness. However, a common link is discovered, and the DNA of the children holds an important clue.moreless

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  • Several children in a small Massachusetts community are mysteriously suffering from a crippling muscular ailment. Many believe it\\\'s caused by a pollution from a local factory, but Dr. Stephen Connor\\\'s investigation leads him to a doctor in a humanmoreless

    I\\\'m sure there are a lot of show plots that deals with defected genes, but I don\\\'t remember seeing one that has a bizarre case like this one. Thanks to modern technology, people who have trouble reproducing can still have children, through IVF. Although what McCarthy did was in favor of the parents, what she did was totally stupid. She should have at least tested her lover\\\'s sperm to make sure they are infected before going through the procedure. She thought she did good to the parents, but she actually did more harm. How modern technology can just create human beings, when they are not meant to be born. No doubt she will loss her license.

    What I like about this episode is the character development for the supporting cast. The first couple of episodes were all focus directly on Connor and McCabe, that the other cast didn\\\'t have a moment to shine. But we finally know a little about Dr. Durant\\\'s background and her gentle side when she interacts with patients in this episode. Indeed, she shouldn\\\'t be sitting on a lab every episode running tests, she should be interacting with patients more frequently.

    Remember what I said about Eva Rossi back in my review of the pilot, \\\"You don\\\'t want to mess with her\\\". Her tough attitude from the pilot returns as she confronts a strict factory owner for permission to test the factory for toxin and getting their records. She won\\\'t throw a punch at the factory owner, she would find the evidence and facts and then drill it in his face in the end, calmly. When she went to the factory owner to tell him that his son could indeed be infected because her wife did an IVF and was one of the women who extracted the defected sperm. He panic, but Rossi walks out with her head high and calm. That\\\'s her and we should be seeing that a lot.

    Final Rating: There are still some work that needs to be done to make the show near-perfect, but they are heading the right direction. It\\\'s obvious the show is at his best when all 5 work as a team, not separated like last episode. Seeing them sitting in a table at a café discussing about the case is their key to their chemistry. If you can\\\'t do separate cases like CSI, then don\\\'t do it. They are strong as a team and they should continue doing so. Since they are heading towards the right direction and is showing significant progress in their chemistry, I\\\'ll be lenient (like Natalie) and give it 3 and a half out of 4 stars in my avstars\\\'s star chart. All their plots are interesting and fine to this point.


    Thank you for reading my review. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to email me at I will be glad to hear from you.moreless
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