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  • I just love Tv shows that have some sort of intelligence behind them. And this is defiantly one of them.

    Medical Investigations is a very imformative, and very mind working show. It may just be me but Medical Investigations is one of those shows that caught me from the beginning, I love a show that makes you think and this show makes you think. It starts with some sorta sickness and ends with a cure, and in the middle of show you can almost certianly never guess the twist, one of the better medical shows i have watched. Bring this show back onto TV please.

    8.5/10 BRING IT BACK
  • I miss Medical Investigation. I was so sad once it was cancelled. I love the show. Please bring Medical Investigation back.

    I love the show. Although it was a drama. I like Stephen and Natalie because they complement each other. Neal and Kelli played very well in this series. I think tht NBC should have developed Stephen/Natalie relationship.

    Medical Investigaton made boring medical terminology into an interesting and appealing drama that got me hooked. For example,one of my favorite episode was the "Tribe", where a girl's family had small pox. I like when Natalie comfort the little girl, and I acutally cried. Since it is not on tv, I have to watch on youtube. Stupid NBC. I am still angry at NBC because the network likes to cancel their best shows. So I don't watch NBC anymore. Please the Medical Investigation back!!!
  • How can they cancelled this series????

    The series featured the cases of an elite team of medical experts of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) who investigate serious public-health problems, such as sudden outbreaks of serious diseases. Medical investigative duties are normally the responsibility of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health departments, while the NIH is primarily a disease-research and -theory organization. This lack of attention to the real world is thought to have contributed to the show's demise, though plenty of shows suspend reality for their premises.

    They should not cancelled this series. This is one of my favourite series. BRING IT BACK!!!!
  • Fantastic show, why was it axed??? Bring It Back Please !!!

    I Loved this show it was informative and educational without being obvious and there was always plenty of humour too. There was always a different outbreak of some wierd disease and some of the places they got to travel to, and there was none of the soapy romance rubbish. Can't understand why it was axed it was great Bring It Back, even just the repeats. I loved Neil McDonough not only was he easy on the eyes he played his character well. At least Anna Belknap is on one of my favourite shows have the others fallen off the face of the earth.
  • Medical Investigation is about a team of specialised doctors investigating medical outbreaks. A mix of CSI, NCIS & Criminal Minds.

    It's a very interesting show. It's pre CSI. The fact that it deals with more medical stuff makes it more interesting. The actors played a bunch of doctors convincingly. It's a pity that NBC has stopped production. My guess is that there are only so few major medical outbreak ane can think of and after 911, more shows were written played around the incident. At times MI can be quite predictable but it's worth the watch.Thought they do have quite a number of hi-tech equipment. At least, it's got it's own plane and not a lear jet like Criminal minds. I would give it a 3 and a half stars out of 5.
  • I don't understand why this shows stop.

    The only episode that could have a better ending was the last, it could have ended with the two sons going back to the father. Any way this show is good. They have every one very close to each other, especially in this two episode where Natalie was at the grave yard with Connor and then in the episode after where Connor meet up with Natalie to see this person and other things too like in ice station, love that too. We found out about Connor pass as well as Natalie. It's those mini things like that make this show good!!!
  • Just watch the show and see how good it is. Well worth watching. You will not be disappointed.

    I just realized this show was on by surfing thru my channels and decided to give it a chance. I love anything medical related. This is a great show. It has me mesmerized from beginning to end. The actors/actresses chosen to play the characters are perfect. I really do not understand why it was cancelled. It is right up there with CSI. You take something like this show off the air but continue to air reality TV which personally I think is way overrated. Please look into putting this show back on the air.
  • I agree with the others so does my husband why did they take away such and interesting show

    the cast of medical investagation played their parts the show was a great way to learn about what is happening in the medical field today and things that are hard to imagine with the naked eye reruns of medical investagation now come on the sleuth channel (308) the team new there jobs and got the job done right not that many shows on tv now like that except for csi only to name a few but if they were to bring the show back not only would the rating problem increase but my husband would be extremely happy for it
  • Never found any other shows that so academical and very useful and still have fun like this b4. I recommend it to any med sci students and faculty members. wongwanna from Thailand

    this is a very good show which is great for medical sci students and people who love to learn more in every day life. I will use this series as my class assignments for my university's students in Pharmaceutical Sciencs.
    I am asking for permission to use it.
    Never found any other shows that so academical and very useful and still have fun like this b4. I recommend it to any med sci students and faculty members.
    wongwanna from Thailand
  • I want it back!!!

    I loved this show so much! I was hooked on it from the first episode till the last. I really wish they'd bring it back. My favourite characters were Eva Rossi and Miles McCabe :D Anna Belknap is one of my favourite actresses and Christopher Gorham is just so damn hot :D My favourite episodes are Mission La Rocca (1) & (2). Eva Rossi really stands out in these episodes. Her storyline was the most interesting one to me. She was really sweet in this episode. I loved it how she banded with that little boy and how she desperatly wanted to find his parents and even considered to addopt him so he could have a happy life. And we also got to know something about her past. Is there any chance they'll bring it back?
  • Bring it Back

    This show was great I really wish you would bring it back. The actors were brilliant and always had me under suspense. This show was put out but not heavely advertised,so many people did not even know it existed. I really think it you gave it another shot it would do well.If you brought this show back there is no telling what it might do. When this show was put out the first time I just luckily saw it and watched it. If you put this show on again and give it a little publicity it will do great. Please give it another chance. Bring it Back.
  • Bring this show back please.

    This show was a great show why did they have to make it a mini series?. I forgot all the characters names. This show was a masterpiece. I would rather watch this show rather than that lame show 30 Rock with Alec Baldwin and Tina Fay. I loved the opening credits music.
  • Ahh!

    I loved this show. Like I didn't realise how much I love it till I didn't see it anymore.

    It didn't show in the UK too much and to be perfectly honest i've only ever caught about half the episodes but they had great story lines, the acting was good and it was a generally really great show, i wonder why people don't watch these more sometimes?

    It had AMAZING story lines which included great twists and really epic journeys throughout the shows. I loved how it was these smart doctors that had a team to solve things like this and sometimes there where happy endings and others not.

    This was a different show that deserved to be on alot longer.
  • this is an awesome show about a team of professional and very ethical doctors in their journey to seek the cause of bizarre illness and put stops to them despite all kinds of risks.

    i only watched this show once yesterday and already got hooked, this is a phenomenal show with superb and very convincing acting especially from Dr. Connor. just look at his facial expression and listen to his words can already mesmerize me into loving the show along with the rest of the very team who are also very consummate with their acting. this show really stands out from the rest of the other mediocre medical shows such as ER, stupid Scrubs, etc and even criminal shows(CSI,etc). besides superb acting comes the meaning which is also an important factor in capturing viewers. every episode comes with a mesmerizing mysterious illness and the team especially Dr. Connor would do anything it takes to find its source and put a stop to it. the cast combination is perfect with an extremely wise leader(dr. Connor), a very capable lab doctor, an adventurous sidekick, a very caring doctor who gives direct tending to patients and reports to the road doctors who go out to investigate and a female doctor who's in charge of the publicity of the hospital. i love it when it comes to dr. Connor's reconstruction of the process of the illness being spread in finding the source. it really shows a great deal of intelligence and deep cogitative ability. another thing that stands out significantly from this show away from others similar ones is the ethics presented in these doctors. they truly care about the suffering patients and always embark themselves on the race against time to find the answer despite risks. the combination of medical and detective is very rarely seen in other similar shows and it is present in this one. and i cant stress this enough, but Dr. Connor is truly an amazing actor, just look into his eyes and they way he talks really inspires tons of conviction, sincerity and passion(passion for his job, passion for his patients, passion for his colleagues), he is just simply the most extraodinary and convincing actor i have ever seen, ever. i love watching him!!!
    overall, spectacular show that truly transcends all other similar ones, including CSI in all aspects(acting, meaning, understandability, value)
    such a shame it was cut short so early, but dont worry, this show already flied or took off with only one season, in other words, one season is enough to make an impressive statement in the world of medical and detective genres, to dictate its own sturdy and shining place in a world filled with crappy, time-wasting and mediocre shows.
    damn the one who cut this show short(it better be because of budget problems), damn it if the reason the show was cut short was the viewers' preference because then these are just viewers who dont know how to appreciate a phenomenal show for crap!!! truly a breakthrough in the medical and detective genre that is obviously underappreciated!!!
  • This show was wicked awesome!

    They should have never cancelled this great show and could and should bring this show back. I have only seen about 15 of the episdodes, but each one was different and interesting. It's like a mix of CSI and Grey's Anatomy, without all the romance. The show was great but they probably cut it because it was either on at a bad time, not enough advertising, or they wanted to add more stupid shows to the network. So they cancelled this and put new shows on. Eventually, some of them were cut anyway! As I have said, the show was great, and should at least be put onto DVD if it is not already.
  • you know that u love it.

    I am not a fan of most medical and forensic shows like csi however this one caught my attention, the focus point of my attention was to all the characters they are all likeable and all glue together with eachother is a shame that they took this shoe off air after only 2 seasons but if we are lucky enough they may make another season for us.

    i recommend anyone who is a fan of csi, bones or even house to check this show out its a great show and i give it 10 out of 10.

    cheers dirk ( dont party naked)
  • I wish NBC didn't take this great show off, BRING IT BACK!! It wasn't your typical medical show. It was great and powerful. I wish they would have left it, was it doing that bad in the ratings?

    I loved this show, it was on of the few medical shows I got addicted to. I was so disappointed when NBC pulled this show. I thought this show was doing good in the ratings, I watched all the time. If someone could fill me in on why they pulled this show that would be great. BRING IT BACK!! It was one of the decent shows NBC had, but no NBC wants all it's immature shows on the air and then they wonder why they're slipping in the ratings. This show was one of the best shows out there in recent times.
  • My kids and I hooked into this show as reruns on a cable channel and have been looking for it ever since spring of \'05. We would love to see this show come back!

    Enjoyed watching this show. My kids ( 12 and 16 now) really enjoyed this show. We have been watching the TV/cable schedule for when it would return. We didn\\\'t hook into this show until it appeared on our local cable channel and now that I have seen that there were 15 episodes, I realize that we only saw about half. I was dissappointed to see that it had been cancelled. It would be nice if the cable station that it was running on would pick it up with new episodes if NBC didn\\\'t feel that it was a sho worth keeping.
  • CSI wannabe but it is indeed good!

    The show sure I agree tried to be like CSI
    And their other spin-offs but I loved the show and
    Wished that dumb NBC didn't pull the plug when they should
    Had given the show a chance to shine. But again not
    All shows are given much of a chance these days IMO!
    How come all shows that are like Desparate Housewives get a chance to have that chance? It confuses me!
  • Bring this back!

    This is another prime example of NBC taking GREAT shows off the air! Who makes these decisions over there? This was one of the best tv shows on that network! This show had such an original idea, not like all of the crime show investigations that are out there. The show took ripped from the headline illnesses and adapted them right into the plot of the show! I can just imagine them tracking down the bird flu today! I sure hope this show comes back as it was one of the reasons I looked forward to watching television on Friday nights!
  • Shame this show aired for only 2 seasons

    I recently discovered Medical Investigations on Universal High Def. and it quickly has become one of those shows that I must watch and can not wait for the next episode. Sadly, this show only aired for 2 seasons and just as quick you get wrapped up in the series, it's over.
    This show has everything a good series needs, Good story lines, great characters, fantastic looking ladies, and plenty of suspense.
    Medical Investigations may not be one of the long running medial series of the past but if you enjoy suspense and a good stoy, this series should not be passed up.
  • Give a show a chance!!!!!

    Whats new a network cancels a show that is good. All NBC is looking for is the next friends show it isn't going to happen. Why can't you give a show 2 seasons to get a fan base. Also putting shows on Friday nights is like putting a cow out to pasture and letting it die. come on give these shows a chance.
  • I loved this show. I watched every episode from the beginning to the end. & I was so sad when I didn't see commercials saying "next season of Medical Investigation". This show is completely original because it falls out of the crime scene stories and inve

    I loved this show. I watched every episode from the beginning to the end. & I was so sad when I didn't see commercials saying "next season of Medical Investigation". This show is completely original because it falls out of the other medicla shows like ER and falls out of the crime scene invesitgation stories. Medicla Investigation investigates on something more intriguing. The cast was awesome and every episode leaves me wanting more, unable to wait until next week's episode. I know the possiblility of bring this show back is slim, but I'm sure many people, including me, would love to see this show back on.
  • Bring it back please. It was a great show.

    Bring it back please. It was a great show. My whole family enjoyed it, Myslef(30), my son(11) and my mom(54). Great plots, interesting, suspenseful, informative, and a great cast. We were glued to the tv on a Friday night what does that tell you? Bring it back! Bring it back!
  • WOW! What a great show this was, and I am in absolute awe that they would not bring it back. I am in my late 20s and purposely would stay home every Friday evening just to watch this show as did others in my family!

    PLEASE bring this show back!! You have no idea how many different generations actually enjoyed this show. My 9 year old niece, myself (28), my sister (32), my mother (51), and my grandmother (82) were all enjoyers of this show. This show went well above and beyond any other shows in its class. It actually kept your interest for the WHOLE hour. During commercial breaks it kept you there watching as you didn't want to miss a minute of it if it came back on and you weren't there. There is no other show that can keep such a range of an audience absolutely GLUED to their tubes for the whole show (including commercials). I am a guilty channel hopper when commercials come on, but never once did I do it watching Medical Investigation. The plot just thickened as the show went on, it was great! Hopefully, NBC brings it back, I know I would be right there whatever day/time it was on. Medical Investigation, to me, is by far the best TV series that I've watched over the last 2-3 years. BRING IT BACK! BRING IT BACK! :(

    A deeply saddened MI fanatic,
  • On behalf of my mother-in-law, my husband & myself, we loved it! Bring it back. There are very few shows that cross generations and keep you interested for the full hour. We loved it and miss it greatly.

    My husband and I are in our 30\'s and my mother-in-law in her 70\'s. We definitely have different interests when it comes to programming. We were very disappointed to hear that Medical Investigations had been canceled. If it is possible to bring it back we vote YES, YES, YES! The mystery surrounding each episode was very intriguing. It was not fair of you to leave us hanging with the earth quake and Dr. Connor\'s choice to quit or stick with it unanswered.
  • This was such a great show! after getting burned out on shows like CSI and all its subclasses, it was a refreshing change. I was so looking foward to the next season, and am dumbfounded that they cancelled it.

    This was such a great show! after getting burned out on shows like CSI and all its subclasses, it was a refreshing change. I was so looking foward to the next season, and am dumbfounded that they cancelled it. Everyone i know watched and loved it, i find it hard to believe that they didnt have a fan base to support the show. Hopefully they will realize the error of their ways and bring it back to us.
  • I'm not a big TV watcher, but I made an effort to watch every episode of this show. They should at least bring it back over a terrible show like that Martha Stewart one!

    This show was intelligent and showed the many different steps it takes to find diseases. Very interesting. Etiology is very interesting to anyone in the health field and rather than disposing of a quality show, NBC should just market it better, and put it in more competitive time slot. People aren't dying to stay home on a Friday night, and many that do like fluff like Three Wishes. Good family stuff, but this show would be great on some other night where you have an audience interested in this type of topic.
  • This show is very well designed. It shouldn't have been cancelled!

    I love this series. I haven't seen all of them, but I was pulled in when I saw the first episode. The stories are very interesting and the cases are incredible. Almost imposible for anyone on the street to think of such sicknesses. This show is fabulous. It was a major mistake to cancel such an artwork! Bring it back!!
  • Bring it back!!!! I loved this show!!

    Between all the other show out there (aliens and other invasion type of crap) This show was the best and has the most potential. The most realistic and wonderfully plotted show. I watched it religiously until it was no more. Very sadden by that and the fact that crap show out there are still on the air. BRING IT BACK!!! I need a good show to watch. But do not put it on Friday nights. How about Mondays or Tuesdays, nothing good on those two days.
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