Medical Mysteries

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Medical Mysteries

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Medical Mysteries is the ABC News Primetime series that examines some unanswered questions about some extremely rare disorders and syndromes. With medical knowledge and science advancing exponentially, more and more cures are being found daily, but some ailments are still puzzling mysteries. These strange disorders affect very few people, and can sometimes stump doctors as to what is causing them, and more importantly, how to treat them. Doctors search for answers in genetic puzzles, trying to decipher how these rare conditions occur and why. Learn about new discoveries in the field of stuttering, where doctors don't know the cause, but have developed a new device that helps those who stutter. See the story of the smallest children in the world, including a 3 and a half year old who is only 27 inches tall and 10 pounds, about the same as a 1 month old infant. From people with reversed organs to stretchy skin, lobster claw syndrome, tourette's syndrome, excessive body hair and more, we see an in-depth view into the people living with these disorders, and the little science we know behind them. Tune in for an examination of some unanswered questions in the field of medicine in the ABC News series Medical Mysteries.moreless

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AIRED ON 9/9/2008

Season 1 : Episode 6

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