Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on CBS
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Allison investigates the case of a woman's murdered husband. Meanwhile, her brother Michael gets a job as a telephone hotline psychic which leads him to visit a distressed customer in Arizona - the same customer whose case Allison is investigating.

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  • "Everybody Lies," even dead people

    okay, so I sort of like Lucky, as a charecter anyway, I mean he's a little bit annoying, actually a lot annoying, but he did have a lot of growing up in this episode. We got to see the Lucky and Alison working togethr on a case, and obviously not getting along. The victim in this episode was definetly annoying, but he did kind of remind me of Lionel Luthor, heh. I hated the way he talked about his son as being pathetic for going to the cops and addmitting to what he did. Although I did like the way that he aplogized for 1. telling his son who to date. 2. aplogized for the boat incident, and 3. tried to take the blame for him. I guess that was supposed to make us feel bad that he had died, even if he was a jerk in life. Other than that, not much happened in this episode, except for Bridgett's own abilities getting better.moreless
  • Didn't love the episode as much as I loved the first episode that Michael appeared, but much better than last season's all too crazy and convoluted episode.

    This was also the funniest episode that Michael has been in. I'm not a complete friend of Allison's little brother, but his humor really does get me some times. Loved the acting he felt the carpet and stroked the arms of the chair. Loved Patricia Arquette's reaction. The murder plot itself wasn't all too twisty, but I liked the way it was revealed. David Arquette's direction was pretty nice, especially when the scene of the couch that Allison touched turned dark and flashes back to the night before. It was very well doned. And David can't help himself but highlight the rack on the actress who played the fiance.

    I also really enjoyed the Bridgette storyline, as her dream lets her rat out on her least favorite teacher. If I had a teacher who looked so uptight as Mrs. Ubershire (don't know spelling), I would totally rat her out, even if she didn't do it.

    Anyways, I am quite sadden by the fact that Medium has lost some audience, mainly due to its rescheduling, but I'm hoping the last few episode of this season has been as consistently good as this season has been, and really hoping for another classic season finale (let's see if it could beat the ultimate finale that they put on last season).moreless
  • Allison's brother in his current job of a tele-physic talks with the recent widow of Allison's case. Allison and Michael disagree about who the killer is until the truth is revealed to Michael. B plot deals with Bridget's physic powers, which Joe doubts.moreless

    This was an episode reminiscent of the first season. It had its serious and funny parts. I think the story was interesting, the physic siblings disagreeing and then working together to see that justice has been served. I was very proud of Michael and how much he grew since the first time we saw him. I think David did an excellent job (I loved Michael’s theme, I wonder if David feels like he has a theme with his sister). The faults lie with the subplot. I like Joe, but Bridget seems like brat. Lately, she has seemed to yell or be pouting more than talk normal. She might grow as she learns more as an actress, but she needs to tone it down.moreless
  • Great character interaction!

    This episode is exhibits many of the reasons why I love this show!! Jake and Patricia just are so comfortable with each other and that just comes across in the show. The dialogue between them is just awesome. My absolute favorite character, Brigette, just shines in this episode. She just radiates stubborn determination that she is right. Including Allison's brother always adds an interesting dimension to the show/episode. While this episode is definately not as good as 'Lucky in Love' (my all time favorite episode with Ryan Hurst) it ranks near the top.

    Also enjoyable was Joe's triumph near the end! : )moreless
  • Great episode

    Allison investigates a case of rich businessman who mysteriously got murdered in his own home. As it turned out, Allison's brother Michael was hired by the murdered businessman's wife to help investigate. Allison finds out that Michael is now working on his own psychic hotline service. This episode revolves around Michael. This episode is a comedy. It's really funny. Especially when the ghost of the dead businessman starts talking to Michael, it gets really funny. The writers came up with a nice story this week. It was fun watching it from start to finish, I can't wait for the next one.moreless
Ryan Hurst (I)

Ryan Hurst (I)

Michael Benoit

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Shashawnee Hall

Shashawnee Hall

Principal Phillips

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Christopher McDonald

Christopher McDonald

Gregory King

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: When Michael and Gregory are talking in the bathroom, during their final bathroom scene together the toilet paper is hanging down, not completely rolled up. In the very next scene, when Michael is sitting on the toilet, the toilet paper is rolled up all the way, with none hanging down.

    • In the opening scene Michael is watching the movie "Debbie Does Dallas," which many consider to a porn "Classic."

    • Although Michael is staying with the DuBois family, Joe and Michael do not appear on screen together in this entire episode.

    • The "Mosquito" R/C helicopter used shouldn't work outside; the convection currents indoors pulls them into the walls.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Joe: (to Allison, about Michael) How about our fourth child? The big, lumpy one on the couch?

    • Michael: (to the ghost of Gregory King) Well, I've got to go. I just spotted my ride to the airport. I'm guessing you've got some traveling of your own to do. Pack for warm weather.

    • Joe: It turns out Bridgette has cracked the mystery of who smashed my car window.
      Allison: You're kidding. Who?
      Joe: Apparently it's her mean old math teacher, Mrs. Ueber--
      Allison: Ueberschaer?
      Joe: Yes. She's the culprit according to Bridge. She wants you to tell the people at work, have them arrest her. She's recommending a life sentence.
      Allison: That sounds fair.
      Joe: When I mentioned to her that that might interfere with her completing math class this year, she indicated that that was a sacrifice she was willing to make.
      Allison: Well, that's laudable. She's willing to give up a year of math homework to see that justice is served.
      Joe: Just like mother, like daughter.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: October 19th, 2007 on Net 5
      Norway: April 1st, 2008 on TV 2
      Czech Republic: March 12th, 2009 on Prima

    • Featured Music:
      "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple (during the opening scene when Michael is on the phone with a psychic client)
      "Hoochie Mama" by 2 Live Crew (when Allison is on the psychic hotline with Michael)
      "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge

    • David Arquette makes his directorial debut on his sister, Patricia's show.

    • Ryan Hurst reprises his role as Michael, Allison's younger half-brother, for a third time. His last two appearances were in the season one episode "Lucky" and the season two episode "Lucky in Love".


    • Michael: Hit me baby, one more time.

      This is a reference to the debut hit single (and album) ...Baby One More Time by Britney Spears.

    • Episode Title: 1-900-LUCKY

      This is an allusion to 1-900 numbers, many of which are used to get psychic readings done. In the Medium episode, Allison's brother Michael becomes a phone psychic.