Season 2 Episode 14

A Changed Man

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 2006 on CBS
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Allison gets a minor concussion when slipping in the bathtub. When she goes to get an MRI she has a strange vision about a man she just met.

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  • Good episode, great idea, great concept, interesting question! But, I didn't like the ending. :/

    Good episode, great idea, great concept, interesting question! But, I didn't like the ending. This show gives no second chances. What about forgiveness? What about the second chance everyone deserves? Bad things happen to good people but sometimes just some times bad things happen to bad people too. They portray medium as a robot, with no feelings and no fragments of forgiveness. Is the law the God of this show? Shouldn't some people pay without going on trial? Shouldn't some people get a second chance without the hand of law? This has happened once too many times in this show! It gets tiresome. If a woman for example kills someone that raped her kid and left it for dead, gets caught in the Medium's radars then this woman HAS to pay for her crime according to Mediums robotic mentality! What about real justice? What about real human emotion and decision? Here, in this episode they describe a horrible horrible man that did horrible horrible things. But for SOME reason was given a second chance. He lost his memory, he wasn't the same man anymore, he didn't even know that man. According to medium's mentality shouldn't she at least consider that he was given a second chance for a reason? That it is some kind of a sign? (as she has many times talked about signs) That this chance was given by God, by fate, by Nature, by Magic, by Buddha, by WHOMEVER!

    As I said, what is missing here is REAL human emotion!!!!!!moreless
  • nice episode

    A different type of episode, it wasn't much of a ghost story, this one was pure detective work but it's still a good episode. Allison dreams of a man killing prostitutes. She meets the man at a clinic where she was getting an MRI scan. Allison meets one of the girls at a copy editing shop married to one of the girls in her dreams. It's really strange, but the girl comes to her office one day and speaks to her about what happened in the past. It's a really interesting episode, even though there wasn't any spooky about this episode, it's still a good one.moreless
  • Are we nothing but the sum of our memories? (spoilers)

    Allison hits her head pretty bad when she falls on the bathroom floor, while Joe is busy trying to get a doctor, an MRI and co-worker Chand to find some damn files their daughters question his wife to check for side effects: Allison can't remember where she was born.

    In the hospital – it turns out Chand's wife was a doctor – Allison meets this nice guy who invites her to see his MRI if only to make her feel more comfortable with the whole procedure but when he enters the machine Allison has a vision of him killing prostitutes and burying them on the desert. Of course she has to tell Scanlon about it, and of course Joe is mad because his wife is on a cell phone talking to the detective when she's supposed to wait for the Doctors results so Scanlon says Hi! and leaves Allison to her injury. Aside the bump on her head, the Doctor finds a strange blood vessel, the size of a peanut on her brain generally associated to patients who suffer from seizures and hallucinations but if she didn’t have those by that stage in her life she shouldn’t worry about it.

    Joe is thrilled to pin his wife’s visions to something more physical and he wants to test their kids in order to find out whether or not they all have the "Dubois peanut", only both Allison and Scanlon are more interested to find out whether the nice man is or is not a killer. As it turns out this practical "boy scout" has amnesia caused by a bullet his wife's pimp put on his head when they tried to robe him, back when his wife was still a prostitute about to become his next victim, but the wife doesn't care about his former life, just like her husband doesn't care about hers and she's willing to forgive him only the guy is not sure whether she should or even if he could forgive himself.

    Unlike Scanlon last season ("In the Rough"), this isn't a good man who did the wrong thing: this is a bad man who would've continue to kill unless he would've been stopped. If the pimp wouldn't have shot him the day that he did, his own wife would be just another body in the desert and he couldn't continue his life like this. Just like Joe wanted to find out if there's a plausible explanation for the abilites his wife & kids possess, the nice man wants to find out what he did because as awful as it may be it's still part of who he is and a part of himself that is missing: the lives lost because of his crimes as important to him as the ones ruined as a result of these findings.

    The only problem with the episode is that while Bridgette has the peanut in her brain they dismissed the vein as probable cause because Ariel doens't have it. The thing is: Ariel sees the future but the only one who can see dead people - just like her mom does - is Bridgett, not Ariel so I still think the Duboius peanut has a good shoot among this family.moreless
  • Medium: Episode : A Changed Man - Were Were You Born Answer

    Medium Is Still My Favorite Show,And I Have Enjoyed Every Episode,I Am Suprised At This one,Comparing to the Real Life Allison Dubois,The Real Life Allison Dubois She was born on January 24, 1972 in Phoenix, Arizona Not Chelsea Oklahoma,Although the TV Allison Dubois in this Episode Medium: Episode : A Changed Man, It Was Revealed as Chelsea Oklahoma,i wonder why they did that? I'm uncertain of the real life Allison Dubois Actual Real Life Middle Name,But On This Show it Was Revealed As Louise.moreless
  • Dashes of medical drama, family relationships and multiple murder of prostitutes with amnesia and psychic visions thrown in...fair drama for modern primetime viewing. Or even soaptime viewing.

    A blow on the head causes Allison to hallucinate. An MRI scan reveals a knot of veins in her head described as \"peanut-shaped\" that we are led to believe might be the root of her ESP. The sub-plot is all about finding out whether that guess is true and includes conflict about whether it is right to put children through an MRI just to confirm Allison\'s husband\'s theory.

    The main plot begins when Allison picks up buried memories from another MRI patient. She sees the man with a succession of whores whom he hires, then smothers. She checks the man out at his place of business, but all seems well and his wife looks exactly like one of his whores. The question is now raised as to whether she was reading his memories or his fantasies.

    Eventually we learn he has amnesia, and the visions are true. Jade, the prostitute he married doesn\'t care that he is a murderer: she likes her nice, aboveboard new life with her kind, decent new husband. But, because his change came out of amnesia and not out of true repentance, he still has to pay for his crimes and agree to lose his false life. He willingly agrees to have the murders investigated and to do his time. the bodies are found and Allison\'s visions are vindicated.

    A note on amnesia and crime: if you forget your evil past, does that make you good? Does it cleanse your life and allow you to create a new one, free of past responsibilities? This episode and morality would say No. A life that is built on a lie isn\'t strong and you always have to live in fear, or ignorance, or both.

    Also, as the mystery of the MRI man is revealed, so is the mystery of the knot of veins - it is hereditary but not connected with psychic visions. The children did have to go through the MRI - a potentially traumatic experience - for this to be explored, but it is better to know for sure than to live in ignorance, at least for Allison\'s husband, and perhaps for society.

    Both Allison and Jade would have made the choice to live as they were: but perhaps both now are better for their husband\'s choosing to pursue the truth.moreless
Richmond Arquette

Richmond Arquette

David Saunders

Guest Star

Jaime Ray Newman

Jaime Ray Newman

Angela Saunders/Jade

Guest Star

Haynes Brooke

Haynes Brooke

Dream Joe

Guest Star

Miranda Carabello

Miranda Carabello

Marie DuBois

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: When Bridgette is in the doctor's office, Bridgette's film is shown on-screen to illustrate the angioma in her brain as well. However, the name on the film is Allison's. Production must be reusing the film sheets.

    • It's revealed in this episode that Allison's middle name is Louise and that she was born in Chelsea, Oklahoma.
      Additionally, it's revealed that both Allison and Bridgette have an angioma in the brain that is sometimes connected to seizures, as well as hallucinations. Joe theorizes it may explain Allison's, Bridgette's and Ariel's abilities. However, Ariel does not have it.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Allison: Are we really just the sum of our memories?

    • David Saunders: Hey, did'ja find that girl?
      Allison: No. Not yet. (pauses) The desert. They think she was buried in the desert along with a few others.
      David Saunders: You mean, someone-
      Allison: -smothered them. And buried them. That's the theory. That they've been rotting in the sun ever since, they've been sitting there and rotting, the last five or six years.
      David Saunders: Excuse me, I ...
      Joe: I think a simple "no we're still working on it she hasn't showed up yet" would have sufficed.

    • Joe: (sarcastically) First he kidnaps them, then he kills them, then he offers to reproduce their image free of charge so the police can have an easier time finding them. Clearly you're dealing with an evil genius here.

    • Joe: Did I miss something?
      Allison: That guy said that I can go and watch him get his MRI.
      Joe: Cool. An all-access pass to a stranger's brain scan, excellent.

    • Joe: You've got a love note from that Scanlon fellow.

    • Allison: What are you getting at?
      Joe: I'm getting at a theory. I'm getting at the possibility that this little peanut that we found in your brain today might be what makes you so different from all the other girls. (pause) You're angry.
      Allison: You're psychic. You must have a little peanut in your head.

    • Joe: I admit it, I had visions of newborns all over the world being tested for the "DuBois Angioma".

    • Allison: I know what you're up to. You're not kissing me. You're kissing my peanut.
      Joe: Please. There are children in the room.

  • NOTES (1)


    • "FILE#: 8675-309" appears in the top right corner of the brain scan films for Allison and Bridgette. This is a reference to the famous 1982 Tommy Tutone song "867-5309/Jenny".

    • Joe: If a memory is killed in the forest, and there's no one there to hear it ...

      Joe is alluding to the well-known riddle "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"