Season 1 Episode 3

A Couple of Choices

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2005 on CBS

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  • Allison works with Scanlon for the first time.

    I remember seeing this episode for the first time when it aired in 2005. At the time the gore shown in this episode was not yet seen in primetime tv, and I was stunned when I saw it. I became a fan of the show and have since watched a number of shows (Criminal Minds, that desensitized me, and I'm sure others to the violence shown here.

    David Cubitt as Detective Lee Scanlon joins the cast in "A Couple of I'm so very glad he did. He's a great counterbalance to Patricia Arquette as Allison DuBois. They have good chemistry here, even as they're arguing at first.
  • A great introduction to the character Lee Scanlon who always knows when to throw in a witty one liner.

    A great introduction to the character Lee Scanlon, who is a cop on the verge of loosing his job due to his obsession with a case involving his sister and other cases that he believes are linked. Nobody else seems to believe his theory except Allison, who has a hard getting a word in once Lee finds out what she does for the District Attorney. It is not long before her visions and Lee's instincts lead them towards truth, and the two realise what great allies they can be when they work together. I really enjoyed this episode and I loved the ending. Highly recommended.
  • Picture Perfect

    The opening sequence was masterfully done. I knew something wasn't quite right, but I wasn't expecting the husband to pull out a gun and shoot his wife in the head. As with the last episode, this is quite a grisly hour of Medium.

    The creepiest bit for me thus far from the series can be found in this episode. Yup, you guessed it, the breathing corpses under the blooded blanket. It's a simple but effective scare tactic that's hella creepy.

    While the main storyline is solid, its premise probably my favorite so far, it's undermined by Allison's seemingly limitless abilities. She can do all sorts of things – from sensing the dead, mind reading, communicating with the dead, even psychically returning to the crime scene – which leads to a particularly lazy denouement where she simply says ''that one'' and finds the killer. Pity.

    The subplot involving Joe planning a surprise party was a lot of fun. Again, I'm thrilled Allison has someone as supportive as Joe in her life, especially as I'm sure she'll meet plenty more people like Scanlon, who called her a loon from the beginning, and rightfully so.

    Overall, it's a fascinating conceit given an unusually easy fix. The writers need to give Allison some limitations, cos these quick fixes will no doubt get old fast.
  • Creepy

    This was an incredibly creepy episode. The premise was excellent, and the dream at the beginning was especially engrossing. I just watched the first three episodes back to back (after having seen the pilot when it first aired years ago), and this is the best yet, and things are only looking to get better. The detective introduced in this episode is instantly hateable, but I'm guessing he'll warm up to her since it looks like he's going to be a recurring character for the first season. And it makes you wonder... would you shoot your wife to save yourself ?
  • great episode

    Devalos introduces Allison to Detective Lee Scanlon. Devalos thinks her powers can help Lee Scanlon investigate a series of similar murders and prevent him from getting kicked out of the police. When Scanlon learns of Allison's powers, he doesn't take it very well and he dismisses her as another fortune teller. Allison sees clues to the murders. Scanlon finds patterns in Allison's dreams and together they solve a case that was left unresolved for more than a year. It's an excellent story. The Scanlon storyline looks really good. It's a really great episode. I enjoyed watching it from start to finish.
  • The first appearance of Detective Lee Scantlon who gets more character development that he does in the entire series!

    The introduction of the Detective Lee Scantlon is an interesting setup but also a bit cliche'. Thanks to smart writing in setting up the joy of seeing Allison impress everyone around her and win her critics over, you ignore the tired plotline of the detective on the case that nobody takes him seriously for and the convenient situation that resolves the plot. Nevertheless I was highly entertained and greatly enjoyed the episode. The show is also getting the tone settled. The show's feel was more grim and dark in the pilot, and has evolved into more gruesome but lighter in tone and atmosphere. There is more of a dark comedy feel to it vs. a dark and moody horror scene. Good or bad, this is the show that is to be.
  • The Newlydeads

    By far the best thing about this episode was Joe planning Allison's birthday party. Like she said, you don't buy a veterinarian a cat, and you don't plan a surprise party for a psychic. The closing moments were overwhelmingly cute, with Joe completely overjoyed that he'd managed to fool her once and for all by planning a surprise trip, and leaving the room. Followed by Allison removing an already-packed bag full of her clothing. It's moments like these that make me fall in love with this show, as it features a realistic couple but with a supernatural twist, producing awesome scenes like these.

    The case of the week was pretty routine, and I pegged that the killer was the wedding photographer at least 15 minutes before Allison and Scanlon did. I also found it a little unbelievable that absolutely nobody realized all the photographs of all the dead newlyweds were done in the same wacky black-and-white print. But, whatever, it all came together well in the end, and I found both the breathing corpses and the killer himself completely creepy.

    I did like the relationship between Allison and Scanlon. It was fun to see somebody thinking Allison is a complete nutjob instead of immediately believing her, and I thought David Cubitt is excellent in the role. I also thought Silas Weir Mitchell was extraordinary in his small guest spot as the crazed husband who was spared by the killer. Like last episode's Maxine Harris, this was another tiny role enhanced by an excellent performance.

    One thing that annoyed me in this episode was the fact that Allison's communication with Lorraine Scanlon was able to tell her which one of the many possible victims was going to be killed that night. If we had actually seen Lorraine tell her, it might have worked. But seeing Allison being able to just randomly come up with huge information using slightly oblique methods makes the writer of the episode seem a little lazy. Admittedly, I don't remember many other moments like this in future episodes, but it was just a little thing I picked up on here.

    Director: Jeff Bleckner
    Writers: Michael Angeli, Glenn Gordon Caron
    Rating: B+
  • Medium at its best. The reason why Dubois and Scanlon were meant to work together and the perfect introduction for one of our favourite characters (spoilers).

    It all started with a dream and a crime scene that tied both Allison and Detective Lee Scanlon to their first case together. We met Scanlon about to lose his career over an imaginary killer in a murder/suicide scenario so Davalos sets him up in a 'blind date' with our resident medium in order to see what they come up with.

    Cubitt nails the part of the tough cop with a sensitive core establishing a rapport with the medium as solid as the one she shares with her husband, by the time he makes his speech about instincts you just know these two were meant to work together and no matter how much he pushes Allison away key glances at key moments tells us all there is to know about this grieving brother, loyal friend and frustrated officer. Allison manages to enter on Scanlon's domain with a relative success as she learns not only there is a killer - through the marriage counsellor from her first dream, a projection from both of the victims in order to communicate with her - but also Scanlon warms enough to confide her that his sister and brother-in-law were the first victims.

    Their first crisis however occur not on the crime scene but on the DA's office once Davalos is forced to tell Lee the true nature of Allison's skills; although he relies on his instinct - and therefore should be open to someone like Allison - this is just too much for him to take and all the gratitude he felt for her fades away as he dumps all his frustration on her. It would've been the end of this team if it weren't because a call from jail confirms their theory when one of the grooms survives the attack - because he took what the killer considered "and interesting choice" - and is held for questioning. In a rather sweet move Scanlon ask Davalos to ask Allison if she would go along with him to the new crime scene. Allison tags along and the two of them not only they find the killer but also the next couple of victims giving Scanlon the supreme satisfaction of arresting his sister murderer.
  • Medium continues to be great.

    The third episode introduces another detective to the law firm and he is a great actor as well. This episode was good, It was a little better than the first episode but not as good as the second episode. Overall another good episode for Medium but it can be better.
  • This is our first encounter with Lee Scanlon. He became a series regular in season two. Great episode!!! (some spoilers)

    The villain in this episode was really creepy. Some great acting in the victims also, the whole consept worked really well. Also, we are introduced to Lee Scanlon. He has little to work with this season, but is brought in as a main character in season two. I saw that season before this one, so seeing him as a sceptic in this episode was weird. He later becomes one of Allisons biggest fans, a guy she can count on to take her seriously. Now I know how it all happened.

    Another great thing was Joe planning a surprise for Allison for her birthday. Trying to throw her off his trail with a seemingly lousy surprise-party. But we see at the end that Allison was never fooled. She just wants Joe to think he had her fooled. That's so cute. I love their relationship.