Season 1 Episode 12

A Priest, a Doctor and a Medium Walk into an Execution Chamber

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 2005 on CBS
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A high profile drug lord is executed for his crimes, and Allison is on hand to witness the execution. Following the execution Allison is called to the scene of a murder, where witnesses swear the ghost of the drug lord is the killer.

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  • A great episode with great acting, excellent plots and a few twists and turns.

    Another great episode of Medium where an executed man comes back from the dead to kill his old girlfriend.. Or does he? Meanwhile, back at the Dubois house Ariel makes a new friend at school while doing a rocket experiment for the science fair. When Allison meets his she becomes convinced he is going to hurt Ariel somehow.

    This episode is full of twists and turns. The acting and story telling was great.

    I really like how Allison's dreams and visions are open to interpretation, and she doesn't always get it right the first time. It is much more interesting to watch then a so called perfect character that always has the answers and never make a mistake.

    I really enjoyed this episode and highly recommend it.moreless
  • Best thing about this one is the title...

    A bit of a frustrating episode, this. It's not that it wasn't any use, it had its moments, but it was the c-plot that lured me in, while the rest of the plots left me cold. The dream sequences hinted at what the episode could have been, the flashback of Sarah in particular digging at a storyline far more interesting than the fairly generic main storyline. That scene where Sarah/Melissa is pushed against the car and sexually harassed was a harrowing piece of TV – some fantastic acting from Faline; it's just a pity her storyline simply faded out, presumably due to so much going on elsewhere. Overall, it's a fairly forgettable Medium, funny title aside.moreless
  • great plot

    Allison dreams of something that she couldn't explain. As she goes through her day at work everything seem normal, but the clues happen throughout the day that relates to her nightmare. When a convicted drug lord get executed something else happens in the drug lord's house, the drug lord's girlfriend gets murdered. The witness explains that the killer was a ghost. The plot starts up with a case opener, but as the plot progresses, we learn more about what's happening. It's an exciting crime detective story. The supernatural element looks really exciting, it makes the show very watchable. This episode is good.moreless
  • Great episode with a ton of great twists

    I was going to give this episode a 8 but I gave it an extra .2 just for the title.

    Episodes of Medium are usually well put together mysteries with all the clues available for the viewer. This one has so many twist and turns it will keep most viewers guessing till the end. And that goes for both plot lines. This is also a great episode because of the character development. We learn more about Ariel (the oldest daughter)and we get a better glimps at what kind of mother Allison is. This is an excellent episode all the way aroundmoreless
  • Bad Execution

    It's always a sign of a weak script when the viewer reaches the conclusion of a mystery almost 15 minutes before the characters on the show do. This is the case with A Priest, a Doctor and a Medium Walk Into an Execution Chamber, which, as well as the most irritatingly long title EVER, has a ton of problems that make it one of the worse episodes from season one.

    The main story of the episode is full of lame plot twists and lazy writing. Firstly, the fact that "the ghost" popped out behind the curtain just as a photograph was being taken was too convenient to take seriously, as was the Scooby-Doo style ending, with the bad guy explaining every tiny detail of how he evaded the cops just to fill in the audience. I also found it completely out-of-character for Allison to be so stupid when it came to the answers given to her half-way through the episode that she failed to piece together. The fact that she wasn't clever enough to realize the kidnapped boy in her dream was the fingerless son of the execution doctor doesn't add up to what we've learnt about Allison so far, who we've been told is pretty intelligent.

    I also found the B-plot disturbing. I'm no prude, but I did not find the sexual abuse scene comfortable viewing, and I thought they showed way more than needed to be shown. The dialogue from the cop was sick and unnecessary, and I didn't see the point in showing us exactly what happened. We get what he was doing, we don't need it spelt out to us in bright neon letters. Besides that scene, it was an effective subplot, and you did feel for the woman at the center of it, and the actress playing her gave a powerful performance.

    Whilst Night of the Wolf was bad in a "so bad, it's comedy" type of way, this was just plain bad. I got the vague impression that the writer came up with a basic idea of "dead man kills somebody" and then just filled in the blanks without putting in any effort at all. Disappointing.

    Director: Bill Norton

    Writer: Chris Dingess

    Rating: Dmoreless
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