Season 6 Episode 16

Allison Rolen Got Married

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2010 on CBS

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  • Joe Marries her anyway

    should have been the title. We know they get married, so that can't be a spoiler.

    Allison begins to listen to her dreams and puts Joe through the ringer on the days leading up to their wedding. As usual Allison jumps the gun and takes action before having all the facts. The funny thing is after years of having dreams that are at first unclear and even misleading only to become clear a few dreams later she still jumps the gun in the present. Seeing her do so as she struggles to understand her gift in this flashback, makes you wonder why she is still struggling in the first season of the show. Six seasons in, she still doesn't realize that her initial dreams about a crime don't always give her all the facts she needs right away, and if she would simply pass on the information she receives instead of interpreting the dreams before she has all the information, she'd save herself a lot of heartache. Allison Rolen DuBois is a very slow learner. Maybe that should have been the title.
  • A Soap Opera at best or worst rather. Boring, tedious and why would anyone marry Allison?

    Trying to be different I guess but boy did we find this episode super boring. Allison was a simpleton whining and crying and sleeping the entire episode. I love Patricia Arquette. She is a very talented actress and they stuck her with an awful script and portrayal of her character. Since moving to CBS I am very concerned at how the quaity of most if the episodes has dropped. They didn't play to any of the usual strengths of this show. There was no suspense since we knew they were going to get married, we knew the strangled girl would get found and the threat to Ariel was 17 years away...We were grateful CBS picked the show up but not if they are going to make it Ghost Whisperer 2.
  • A very poor episode

     I have no idea why some people liked this episode. I thought it was okay but not the best ever. People are right... These episodes lately HAVE been dropping. I hate to say that but it's true. This episode was about Allison discovering her dreams. Yes she was a little bit whinning but who wouldn't? I too also didn't think there was much suspense. And I hate it when they make the previews look so interesting that I can hardly wait for the next episode... But that's when the episode is almost over. It turns out to be another awful episode. These episodes are lacking big time. I love the show, I really do but if the writers don't come up with better ideas... I just might not be that interested in Medium anymore :( there HAS been WONDERFUL episodes in the past and I hope there are some more to come in the future
  • Where it All Started is what they should've called it. This episode is truly a lovely sentiment; even if you see your future, no matter what you think might happen, the one thing that is certain is that nothing is for certain. You Make You Future.

    This episode is truly a lovely sentiment; even if you see your future, no matter what you think might happen, the one thing that is certain is that nothing is for certain. You Make You Future. This is probably where it all started. We see Allison Rolen pre-marriage, pre-medium and how she struggles to live with her new self. She has unexplainable dreams and she tries to figure out how to make sense of them and joe is by her side. But he struggles to understand her dreams. you gotta watch this episode it really is amazing. My Favorite Episode by far
  • Prequel to the show. This episode should have been in season one, not season six.

    Good episode overall. It was refreshing to see where it all began. It was also nice to see Joe and Allison's undying love for each other. It was amazing how the crew made Allison and Joe look much younger. I can see how some people wouldn't like this episode. Some parts were boring, it wasn't very suspensful and there were a few goofs, but I can look past that (every show has goofs and boring parts). The acting and actors were great. It was good to see Joe's parents and Allison's grandmother reprise their roles. I think some people didn't like this episode because it didn't seem like a regular episode, in true Medium form. But it was entertaining non-the-less and I enjoyed it.
  • I didn't know what exactly it was that I didn't like about this episode, until another reviewer here pointed me to it: "Medium" is turning into "Ghost Whisperer 2". Thank you, CBS.

    "Medium" has seen its share of cheesiness and other annoyances in its past 6 seasons, but this episode was downright embarrassing. Corny heartfelt monologue from Joe ("Our future is waiting, Allison!"), an even more-whiny-than-usual Allison and a storyline that was neither fish nor flesh... what happened to "Medium" since the move to CBS?

    Add to that the shoddy sound editing: Joe's dad was barely audible over the "Achy Breaky Heart" background music when he was talking to Joe at the wedding table. But notjust that, the whole production of this episode seems kind of... half-assed.

    Quality seems to have taken a dive all in all, but I'm still hopeful that "Medium" will pick up steam again. If anything, I hope the writers start making Allison less annoying and self-centered.
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