Season 2 Episode 16

Allison Wonderland

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 2006 on CBS
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Allison helps the District Attorney try to find a missing brother of a close friend. She becomes paranoid about antiterrorist agents from the government. Joe gets uneasy when he suspects that Bridgette might be communicating with a dead author.

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  • great episode

    Allison dreams of a scene that could be coming from an action spy movie. When she wakes up she feels like the dream was so weird. When she goes to work, the DA tells her that one of their clients has a brother that's been missing. Davalos tells Allison and Scanlon to search for the brother. They check out a house where they find papers that's got mathematical equations in it. It's a really exciting episode. David Carradine really made this episode so much fun. The writers made a really interesting plot. I really enjoyed this episode. I'm excited about the next episode.moreless
  • Da...vid Carradine's Code (spoilers)

    Allison wakes up from a schizophrenic's delusion in which the victim looks like David Carradine and gets killed during a mission to save the world. Just like it happened on "time out of mind" she’s left to interpret the visions that plague her everyday life while Davalos asks both her help and Scanlon's in order to find the brother of a close friend of the family, but once they visit the man's apartment they only find the mess characteristic of a disturbed mind and a lot of math equations that amuse Lee as much as Allison visions of David Carradine.

    What is no amusement to Joe is the revelation that Bridgette keeps talking to dead people, only this time is not a 5 year old who died in her playground but rather the author of her favorite book, who dictates her a whole story based on her favorite character so Bridgette could read some more.

    Lee finally finds the corpse of Allison's visitor, on his fantasy life killed by a conspiration lead by his brother-in-law alongside his lawyer, on real life killed because his mathematic skills were used to produce a code breaker to manipulate his sister's financials using knowledge the brother-in-law gained during his time as senior vice-president of the bank he worked for, once the brother-in-law got what he bargain for – and unknown to his wife - he plot to get rid of the mathematician with his lawyer's aid.

    While some have criticized Davalos's reaction to Allison's findings I found them consistent to the situation at hand: the victim was the brother to a close friend of his wife, a scholar whose life may have been different if the events of 9/11 wouldn't have triggered the psychotic break that lead to his downfall. Even if Davalos wanted to, he simply couldn't go with the raw theory the medium exposed to either his wife or his wife's friend and I for one would've expected the same skepticism from his part if the victim would’ve been another close friend, like Lee Scanlon for example.moreless
  • Allison dreams that this guy threw another guy off a roof for trying to crack a code. She gets paranoid and frightened of the figures she's seeing in her daily life. Also, Bridget writes a story that was channeled to her by a dead author.moreless

    I thought this episode was different from many other episodes - in a good way. Although Allison saw people that didn't exist, at least not when and where she saw them, and she was constantly paranoid, I thought this episode was atypically non-freaky and non-suspenseful. This episode spent a lot of time on Allison's family, which I like every now and again. It reminded us that her kids have her gift too, at least a little bit. It also beat the dead horse of her husband coming to terms with his family, which usually annoys me, but didn't this time. I wasn't sitting on the edge of my seat watching this one, but I thought it was a good episode and would watch it if it becomes available to you.moreless
  • Allison Wonderland

    This is why I watch keeps me interested until the end of the show. I fully enjoyed the tie in to the \"Beautiful Mind\" and the suspence of the agents following her every move. Finally Bridgette has the gift too and how she uses it. With out knowing what she has.

  • Very good episode

    The whole beautiful mind meets x-files was great. Allison should have confessed what was going on earlier in the episode in my opinion. The storyline with Bridgette and the books was great. You were left wondering did she make it up or did the author really contact her. I think both.
Rebecca Gayheart

Rebecca Gayheart

Jessica Delany

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Madison Mason

Madison Mason

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Michaela Watkins


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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Joe: (reading what Bridgette wrote on his laptop) Well, darling, there's no gobble in that gook.

    • Allison: (takes the phone from Ariel) Hello?
      Scanlon: Greetings from L.A. What did you want to hear - the good, the bad or the weird?

    • Devalos: You just did me a favor, now I'm gonna do you one. Go home, take the rest of the day off.
      Allison: That's not necessary.
      Devalos: Okay, it's not a favor, it's an order. See you tomorrow.

    • Allison: I just had the craziest dream.
      Joe: Did you just hear yourself?

    • Delany: So, would you like to see your next mission?
      (goons heave Jessica's brother over the edge of the building)
      Jessica's brother: NO!
      Delany: Your assignment involves research into the effects of gravity on the human skull. My friends here are going to let go of your legs, and then we're all going to place bets on to how big a spot you leave on the sidewalk. One, two...
      Jessica's brother: No, no, please! This isn't what I signed on for!
      Delany: Three!!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Agent 47

      Jessica's brother is referred to by the codename "Agent 47" in Allison's first dream of him. This is in reference to the popular videogame franchise Hitman, which follows the missions of an operative by the same name. The latest installment of the saga was in heavy advertisement at the time of this episode's original airing, as it was due to be released in late May.

    • This episode plot resembles the 2001 movie A Beautiful Mind, based on the real-life story of John Nash, in which a gifted mathematician starts suffering from schizophrenia and paranoid hallucinations, and thinks he is cracking a code for the government.

    • Title: Allison Wonderland

      This is a reference to the popular children's story Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.