Season 6 Episode 5

Baby Fever

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Allison dreaming all three of her daughters were babies again. While this isn't reality, she does talk about it with Joe and admits she wants another baby.

In the morning, Bridgette is practicing the clarinet and is clearly struggling with the instrument.

David and Allison get a call for a case and meet a man named Scott. They are at his house when he explains his son Bryce was kidnapped by their nanny Elizabeth Torres. Allison immediately feels strange I his house and follows the sounds of a crying baby up the nursery. She meets Bryce's traumatized but odd mother in the nursery and promises to bring Bryce home.

While investigating the nanny's house, Allison finds a photo of baby Bryce and when she brings the photo home, she starts to hear it crying. Eventually, she realizes the "ghost" baby will only stop crying once she gets into the car with the photo. It continues to cry until she drives past a home. She goes inside, follows the crying and finds the kidnapped baby in the oven.

Meanwhile, Joe discovers Marie has an uncanny ability to play the clarinet. Bridgette clearly feels some sort of sibling rivalry when this is discovered.

The family comes home that night and while Joe tries to tell Allison about Marie's ability, all she can think about is the baby…upstairs. Allison kept Bryce after finding him instead of handing him over to his parents.

The next day, Allison returns a blanket to Bryce's parents. But while in their living room, the ghost of baby Bryce's sister appears and tells Allison she wishes she didn't bring back her brother since it is not safe there.

Back at the house, Joe tries to get Marie into clarinet lessons and Bridgette gets very jealous. Joe has a heart to heart with her and finds out she feels like she is simply "everyone's sister." Joe feels for her and hugs her while she cries.

That night, Allison imagines hearing a baby crying. She wakes up Joe and asks him if he hears it, but he doesn't. She says Bryce needs her and gets up to look for him. Allison and Joe go to the house and she asks to see Bryce to make sure he is ok. The parents, Scott and Dana insist everything is fine.

In the morning, Bridgette wakes up Marie and Marie tells her that a man in her dreams won't stop telling her how to play a song on the clarinet - the one she's been playing all week.

Later that day, Bridgette tells Joe Marie doesn't want to take clarinet lessons and also asks how they can make her dreams go away. Joe simply says they have to let them run their course.

Meanwhile the body of Bryce's nanny was discovered and Manny calls Allison to say they found blood at the scene of the crime which could id the killer.

That night, Allison hears baby Bryce crying, drives over to Dana's house and tells her she needs to see Bryce. Dana refuses but Allison pepper sprays her and kidnaps Bryce.

Hours later, Allison calls Joe from a motel with Bryce and says she has no plan, but needs to get off the phone since she is probably being traced.

The night at the motel, Allison dreams Elizabeth's murder and sees her cousin Alberto kill her after she withdrew from the plan to kidnap Bryce for ransom. But, by this time, the police have found her hiding Bryce.

Allison is arrested and brought to the station. Allison meets with Dana and apologizes for taking her baby. Dana tells her she is within her rights to prosecute her but decides not to because right after Allison took Bryce, Alberto came to her house looking for him but Bryce was safe with Allison.

The next day at school, Bridgette hears a man playing a song on the piano that she recognizes as the one Marie has been playing all week. She asks him what song it is and he says it's one he was writing with his dad before his dad passed away. Bridgette brings Marie in to meet the man and to his amazement, she plays the song on her clarinet, completing the project he'd started with his dad.

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