Season 6 Episode 5

Baby Fever

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2009 on CBS

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  • When a baby is kidnapped, Allison overreacts even more than usual to her latest psychic compulsion, committing a crime with no thought for any consequences. Also, Bridget and Marie deal with a musical compulsion, without their mother knowing or caring.

    This episode embodies many of the greatest weaknesses of the show. Allison is shown to be willfully helpless in the face of her psychic abilities, even to the point of psychopathy -- while in the grip of her compulsion, she does not care about the troubles or feelings of her children or husband, nor the consequences to them or to herself. Thankfully for her, she lives in a plot-driven universe which exists solely to reward her every questionable act, including a heinously illegal act toward the end of the episode which is forgiven on the grounds that her commission of the crime stopped the "real bad guys" from committing it first. (If nothing else, her boss -- the District Attorney -- should be tearing strips off her for her unthinking "ends justifies the means" cavalier attitude.)

    It is worrying that Allison's total lack of thought or caring (she never once listens to her husband's highly reasonable objections, much less considers any other way to resolve the episode's central dilemma, and manages to go the entire episode without even learning of the secondary plot because she cannot be bothered to care for her own children) is *rewarded*. What kind of message is this show trying to embody here?
  • If it wasn't for her family

    This show would suck. I get that as a psychic Allison is sometimes powerless to her nudges and whatnot but seriously? She was an aspiring law student? Instead of trying to find a logical explanation she just lets herself dream and justifies all her actions to that. If it weren't for the side-plot involving Marie and Bridgette I wouldn't even have bothered scoring it. Maybe thats what the writers wanted. Since they couldn't think of a good Allison plot line they came up with a great Dubois family plot line and for me that was enough to rate this episode well.