Season 3 Episode 3

Be Kind, Rewind

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2006 on CBS

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  • Even I was glad to see that day end!!

    Phew…what an episode. While it was hard at first for me to keep up with what was a dream and what wasn’t…I eventually got into the right groove. For me that is what I love about this show it keeps me guessing. I never really know for sure what is a dream until the zoom in on Allison’s eyes and the pop open. That is when I say “it was just a dream, now do what needs to be done”.

    Let’s start with the acting…wow! What a great job done by everyone. Allison was realistic in her acting. From the checking to make sure her legs were there to yelling at the telemarketer. Joe…he did a wonderful job playing the confused husband. He was loving and his ‘man emotion’ was perfect in the hospital. Ariel…someone give that girl an award. Wow, she did an awesome job. The crying in the hospital to the utter shock at her mother…great range of acting. All the others did a great job and for some reason the added comedy really made the episode for me. I mean I can’t name the number of times I have had a dream and woke up and had to check something.

    The writing, was outstanding in my opinion. The jokes were just right and made the episode enjoyable to watch. They were not overbearing and timed wrong which was great.

    All the other stuff…wow was that car crash scene awesome or what? I watched the bit on NBC about it, pretty cool how it ended up in the finished product. Overall a great episode from the directors to the actors. With episodes like this I will be sure to set my DVR so I can watch it over and over again! Keep the great episodes coming.