Season 3 Episode 9

Better Off Dead

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Allison dreams about a strange friendship between two recently murdered ghosts. When she tries to help one of the ghosts solve his murder, she is surprised when he declines her help.

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  • great episode

    This week it's a comedy. A couple of ghosts accidentally meet each other right after they were murdered. The ghosts become friends. Allison dreams about both of them getting to share each other's death experience. Normally the show looks a bit creepy, but in this episode, it actually looks so funny. The writers managed to inject the humor into this spooky themed show. It works out really well. We get to have a bit of fun and we get some good laughs along the way. The ghosts buddies were really hilarious, they are the central characters of this episode. I really enjoyed it.moreless
  • one very good episode^^

    For some reasons, I thought this episode was really good. The storyline was great and well-written.

    It really was a beautiful episode and almost made me cry (i'm such a puss when it comes to watching sad TV moments lol).

    This was really one good example of what Medium is capable of. I think this show is unique in the way that it really has its own atmosphere, and Allison's gift can actually be used in so many different ways which I think is so cool^^ It gives a very artistic aspect to the show, the fact that they can use her medium gift so differently in each episodes, and i gotta say that some episodes really are pieces of art! But I realise i'm not talking about the episode anymore... so let's go back to that shall we.

    yes, this episode was good, very good, coz not only was it sad, but it was also very funny (the old guy running in the streets in his underwears^^), cynical-funny actually. I loved the music lol and i loved the interaction between Allison and the poor dead guys. But the only little problem is that it was a bit ghost-whispererish and I soooo don't want these two shows to be compared (although I'm also a fan of ghost whisperer and not ashamed of saying it outloud!!). Yeah well, i think i'll stop there.

    pardon my english (i'm french)moreless
  • Classic Medium character interaction. Makes it fun and intriguing to watch even when the twists and turns of the plot can in advance easily be deducted. Usually the twists will keep us guessing to the end, and when it does this show is perfect.moreless

    Despite the fact that I saw the conclusion coming a mile away, the writers of Medium did a terrific job making the lead up to the conclusion so entertaining. Great cast for the two ghosts. Was really easy to sympathize with them and the beginning where they met was really fun. Any negatives? Wish they wouldn't typecast the "badguy" so much. Personally, I am disappointed how painfully obvious it is that a new face + a few lines + looks suspicious usually = the killer. (But this is true with most shows.) Again, absolutely interesting to watch despite being predictable. When you enjoy a who-dunnit show that much even though the mystery was easy to know they are doing a great job with the other elements. Please keep it up. Keep writing interesting stories, and in the past when you succeeded in tricking us right to the ending...this show is perfect.

    Thanks for making last weeks episode an anomaly. And looking forward to more creative work.moreless
  • twist and turns and everything is just a cool!

    For the first since she accept that she can talk to the dead Allsion finds a lost soul who doesn't wish to be help! As she struggles to do what she feels is right and honor this ghost wish we learn what a tangle web was weaved! I thought maybe she was his daughter or maybe he was a stalker but in the end it was just unspoken love. I read somewhere that "Everyone falls in love, but most are just to stubborn to adimt!" and when it comes to men they are very clueless in the game of love! Still love is the biggest game of risk and chance! oh and the other guy? the one that was muder can you belive how fat his wife was?moreless
  • A twisted love story!

    Medium is definetly one of the better shows out ther. It may not end up having the same lasting powers a Friends but I will always love and remember it! This weeks episode was really good. It was well written, well acted and I thought the story was great! Bravo!
Ben Weber

Ben Weber

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Holt McCallany

Holt McCallany

Nick Lewin

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Analisa Brouet

Analisa Brouet

Cadence Bixby

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  • QUOTES (3)

    • Morgan: Have you ever been in love, Vincent?
      Vincent: I don't know. Given the events of the past few days, and given the circumstances of my present condition, I have to say I would like to think about that before I answer.

    • Vincent: You know, for a fellow murder victim, you're being pretty Zen about all this.
      Morgan: I'm dead, why shouldn't I be Zen?

    • (Allison jerks awake from a dream)
      Joe: (mumbling sleepily) You alright?
      Allison: I just had the oddest dream.
      Joe: I'm going to assume you said that with a straight face.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: April 27th, 2007 on Net 5
      Norway: January 22nd, 2008 on TV 2
      France: January 26th, 2008 on M6
      Czech Republic: February 27th, 2009 on Prima
      Finland: June 24th 2009 on Nelonen

    • Featured Music:
      "And When I Die" - Blood, Sweat & Tears