Season 6 Episode 6

Bite Me

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2009 on CBS

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  • Another episode with the real chills and thrills.

    What I can say this episode is brilliant. It's well-written, and pure goodnes. The "Night of the Living Dead" dreams are not just random, it's there for the right reasons, the show successfully made a classic, an instant classic! This episode revolve around the mysterious dissapperance and death of a funeral director, Allison didnt just dream about his death, she and her family was inserted into some scenes of movie "Night of the Living Dead" to help her find clues and solve the murder. I find the strange bites and marks that Allison get when she woke up from her dreams really creative. There's nothing to complain about this episode, it's so-so-so good- Like any other "Medium" outsanding episodes on it's heyday!
  • Zombies and spiders.Spooky.

    I've never thought of MEDIUM as a great show,but I've always liked it.Even though I could just point out little things about each episode,this wasn't a very good one.ALLISON's dreams are supossed to help her solve a mystery without her knowin',but in this episode we didn't know what was goin'on until the very end,which is unusual,and made the episode not that interestin'.However,I did enjoyed the zombie dreams,and that along with BRIDGET's plot saved the episode.But they need to remember that they got lucky.I mean,if by any chance they ARE running out of ideas,then just end the show before they cancel it(they almost did last season).