Season 7 Episode 10

Blood on the Tracks

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2010 on CBS

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  • RIP Joes mom.

    RIP Joes mom. Joes mom dies of brain cancer, and Allison has to admit that she lied to her about her going to live to see Bridgettes graduation.
  • While Allison dreams that a homeless man is responsible for the death of a man who was pushed under an on-coming train, she must also help Joe deal with a crushing blow concerning his mother.

    The interesting (and I think good) thing about this episode was that the multiple murders being investigated by Lee and Allison took very much second place to the news that Joe's mother had stage four brain cancer and didn't have long to live. Kathy Baker, as usual, did a great job playing Joe's mum but I think it was pretty obvious from her previous appearance on the show that she was going to die.

    One of the unfortunate aspects was that Ariel didn't return for the episode which probably means that we won't see her anymore, given that there are only three more to go. That's a shame. Perhaps she will come back for the last episode?

    I was wondering where Joe's sister was during all the drama surrounding his mother's illness as I know that he has one given that her up-coming wedding was mentioned in a previous episode.

    It was sad indeed but after Marjorie's death, her conversation with Allison about the 'darkness to come' was obviously a very good way to end the episode. By this stage, the writers obviously knew that they had to wrap everything up early so just a bit will have to be crammed into these last three episodes.

    This one was highly enjoyable and, most importantly, it left the audience wanting more and waiting patiently (or perhaps impatiently) to see what is to come.

    Great work by the actors and a terrific job by the make-up department on Kathy Baker as well. Very good episode indeed. If you haven't watched it, you should!
  • Goodbye Joe's Mom.

    We all know that on a show such as this that it is not always goodbye when someone crosses over. However, if a show is cancelled, usually it does mean that it is goodbye to many of the actresses and actors on the show. The DuBois family has such wonderful chemistry. I am saddened to hear that this show has possibly been cancelled. I have been watching it since day one and look forward to all of the different situations that come up in this families lives, and how they handle it.

    After the ending of some of my favorite programs, I am convienced that the networks really do not care what the viewing audience wants to see, they will just stick anything on the air and call it entertainment to whoever they can get to buy advertising. Why continue to shove reality tv down our throats, I can't figure. I have enough reality in my own life, I don't watch tv to get more! Let me get lost for a while in something else please!

    Bring this show back, bring back Ghost Whisperer, bring back Jericho...bring back The Unit. I am not sure what network all of these were on, but I truly wish the executives would pull their heads out of their.....
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